How to change a diaper?

Nowadays, the life of young mothers is greatly facilitated by new technologies. Among the innovations, includes a diaper. There are many different manufacturers that produce and sell diapers. Thus, each woman can choose the company whose products are suitable for her child. Let's see in this article how to change a diaper.

Many mummies, of course, heard the advice that the diaper should be changed after each feeding. Yes, the problem is that there are children who are fed on demand, and the need may arise every thirty minutes. Mom just does not have enough strength or material capabilities to ensure cleanliness and dryness.

How to change diapers

First of all, it should be clarified that all children are different and they cope with their needs in different ways. There are many factors that influence an urgent diaper change:

  • volume consumed by a child, liquid,
  • stool frequency
  • indoor temperature
  • skin condition.

When considering how to change a diaper, it is imperative to clarify that there are several rules that should be replaced immediately.

  • The first and most basic rule is that the diapers need to be changed after the child is in great need. Otherwise, it is possible to earn irritation on the skin, since the contact of feces with urine produces substances that can cause irritation. This contact is better not to allow.
  • Diaper replacement should be done according to the situation. For example, after a walk, a trip to the clinic, after a night of sleep, etc.
  • If while checking the condition of the diaper you find that the baby’s skin is wet, then the diaper must be changed immediately.

You should know that before changing diapers, you must make sure that there is an oilcloth on your changing table, covered with a cotton diaper.

  1. We place the child on the table and fix the velcro so that the diaper does not squeeze the baby’s body.
  2. After the diaper is successfully removed, you can gently fold it and throw it in the trash.
  3. After the done manipulations should be put in order the baby. You can wash the baby with warm tap water. When washing girls, the method of washing from tummy to pope should be used, and if a boy, then special attention should be paid to the state of the primary sexual characteristics and the area between the legs, where children usually have skin folds.
  4. You can also take water in a bowl and put the child in order with the help of soap and gauze napkins. Some mothers use special wet wipes for this purpose.
  5. If your crumb just peeed and the skin is dry and clean, then ablution is not necessary, you can simply replace the diaper with a new one.
  6. If after the change of the diaper, little time has passed, and you noticed that it is leaking, then it is likely that your baby is small. You can also consider the option that when changing the diaper mother did not attach much importance to the position of the penis. It must be laid in such a way that the direction is towards the legs, then the jet will fall into the place where there is a sorbent.
  7. If Mom is faced with the fact that the diaper is flowing on the sides, then everything is simple. Need to more carefully straighten the wrinkles with elastic bands when changing clothes.

Now you know how to change a diaper. Remember that the skin under the diaper must be dry.