How to cheer a girl up?

If you are thinking about how to cheer up a girl, then the first thing you are likely to do is go online. A huge number of tips will fall on your young head, so read a few opinions and draw your correct conclusions. One thing you need to remember firmly: there are no tips that are 100% suitable for any girl. If you know your darling a little bit, then it will be quite easy for you to decide whether the proposed method is appropriate for your situation or not. Rely on your intuition, and everything will be fine.

Have fun girl on a date

How to cheer girlfriend on a date? Whatever you choose, you should not artificially "squeeze" the jokes out of yourself. Be natural, yourself, only in this case you will be interesting to the girl. If she is sad, then you can cheer her up by presenting a gift - flowers, chocolate, any thing she has long wanted to receive, shopping, an excursion to an interesting place for her - to a concert, to a zoo, to a country cafe, etc. We are sure that such a surprise will be pleasant for the girl, she will be easily merry.

If you do not know the girl so well to give her gifts, then try to find out why she is sad.She, of course, will begin to say that she is doing well, but this only indicates that she wants you to persuade her. Ask your question several times in different ways and try to figure out the cause of sadness. As soon as the girl speaks out, she will become much calmer and more cheerful, and you will become a friend to her. You can also help her with advice or action if you can.

At a meeting with a girl, any guy seeks to create a positive mood and for this he tries to tell a funny joke, a personal story or a funny story heard from friends. This is the right step, just remember that all your stories should be told easily and naturally and preferably on the topic of conversation. If you tell a joke, like a learned poem at school, the girl can have fun not from the joke, but from your ridiculous look.

Cheerful correspondence

If the girl is far away from you, but you need to establish a good relationship of trust with her, you can cheer the girl by correspondence. Positive and humor always contribute to improved relations and rapprochement. Therefore, we must learn to write letters that will set the girl at ease and pleasant emotions.She should feel that, despite the fact that you are far away, you remember her, take care, try to evoke positive emotions in her.

Immediately dismiss vulgar and flat jokes and expressions. In no case do not write with any women you communicate, no matter how ridiculous this may be for you. Firstly, women rarely laugh at �their own people�, secondly, you must show her that you don�t even notice any other women in your life. It is better to tell her funny stories from the life of your friends, here you can mention women, because the story is not about you!

You can use in the correspondence funny and affectionate epithets, call your girlfriend �bunny�, �baby� and other gentle names. Believe me, after such a letter the girl will not be sad!

Cheer the girl by SMS

SMS is great for those whose relationship has not yet gone so far that you can call several times a day. And if you want to remind yourself about yourself more often, you can cheer up a girl with the help of an SMS message. The best thing is not to make the message long - one sentence, maximum two short phrases. Message options for girls:

  • "As I want the evening to come, and you invited me on a date!";
  • "Can you promise me that you will listen to me? I learned a song for you!";
  • �If we don�t see each other today, I won�t get out of bed, there�s no sun for me today!�

Remember that gentle and playful words will cheer a girl a lot more than aphorisms from the Comedy Club program, which will not relate to her in any way.

Communication in VK

If you are a confident Internet user, then you can meet different girls there and even arrange a date. And for this you need to learn how to communicate with a girl on the social network and be able to cheer her up.

To do this, in a personal message, you can write her original, but certainly a nice compliment. You can also add a beautiful picture, song or video to the message. Such a message will not be ignored! So you can get acquainted with a new girl in VK and cheer her up, and cheer your girlfriend.

If you know a girl for a long time and have lived through many good moments together, you can cheer her up by reminding them. For example, you can send your joint photo, where your happy faces were captured a few years ago on any event, and make a corresponding signature to it.