How to choose a Christmas tree?

Buying Christmas fir is not as simple as it seems. Before you choose a tree, you need to decide which tree you want: live or artificial. And if your choice fell on a living tree, it is very important not only to choose it correctly, but also to know how to take care of it, so that the tree will delight you throughout all the New Year holidays.

But first I would like to tell you some interesting facts about the New Year tree. The first mention of the decorated New Year's tree dates back to 1500. The Christmas tree was dressed up in Alsace - a German province. In Germany, spruce was considered the embodiment of life, therefore, until that time it was not chopped up, but put on right in the forest. Spruce was dressed with nuts, eggs and apples. Each traditional decoration had its own meaning. An apple is a symbol of fertility, eggs are a symbol of well-being, harmony, and nuts were a sign of the incomprehensibility of divine thought.

The custom of decorating the Christmas tree came to Russia in the 17th century. Until that time, it was customary to decorate houses with pine, spruce or juniper branches. And only in 1700, Peter the Great brought back from Germany and approved in Russia the tradition of decorating the Christmas tree for the New Year and Christmas.And although this innovation caught on not immediately, nowadays it is very difficult to imagine the New Year holidays without the traditional forest beauty.

How to choose an artificial Christmas tree

Now many people are thinking about purchasing artificial Christmas trees. Yes, this is understandable, because artificial spruce is not frayed, compact and easy to store, it is much cheaper than living, and you only need to buy it once. However, the Christmas tree is different. In order to choose the right Christmas tree, special attention should be paid to the quality of the spruce tree being bought. After all, if you want to buy a high, beautiful and fluffy spruce from the newest materials, the purchase amount can be substantial.

So, let's find out what you should pay attention to when buying artificial fir:

  • The very first thing that they often pay attention to is price. After all, as you know, price is an indicator of quality. And if the cost of the tree being purchased is suspiciously low, most likely there are toxic substances in the materials used to make this product. And this, in turn, suggests that the spruce tree will quickly lose its appearance and, in addition, it can be fire hazard.
  • Pay attention to what is written on the packaging, the so-called "ingredients". If such substances as formaldehyde, resins, methylene are indicated on the package, the buyer should not have such a Christmas tree. These impurities are quite dangerous. And when heated with festoons, poisonous fumes will be emitted.
  • Look on the packaging for information on the refractory properties of the product. The safest at the moment is considered to be eaten from polymers with flame retardants that prevent fire. If the package does not indicate the materials from which the spruce is made, it is better not to buy such a Christmas tree.
  • Check the quality of the "needles". If the needles are soft - hold the palm against the growth of needles, fluff it. If the needles are tough, you can pull it a little. If the needles are not showered, they do not form creases, and they quickly occupy the initial position - an artificial Christmas tree of high quality.

How to choose a live tree

At about the twentieth of December, Christmas tree bazaars are opened, where you can buy a live tree. So, what to look for when choosing ate? After all, if you choose the wrong tree, as a result, you can get a bunch of loose needles, and as a result - a bad mood, which is completely unacceptable on New Year's holidays.

Therefore, when buying a tree, pay attention to the following points: The first is the needles. Its color should be rich, without yellowness, dark green or silver-blue (in case you buy blue spruce). When rubbing the needles, you should feel a little bit tart coniferous scent, and an oily resin should remain on your fingers. The branches of the tree must be flexible and difficult to break. After all, if the tree is dry, the branches will break with a bang and quite easily The trunk should be straight without knots and visible wounds on the bark. When buying a Christmas tree more than one and a half meters in height, remember that its trunk diameter should be 5-8 cm., The weight of the tree itself is at least 7 kg. Pay attention to the cut of the tree, it should not be dark rim. If there is a similar bordering, it means that the tree was cut long ago. Do not listen to the assurances of sellers that the branches ate only on the street look frail, and at home, feeling warm, they will dismiss and look different. Do not bloom and will not. Moreover, some of the needles will fall off, and the spruce will become even more miserable.

Summing up, I want to say that choosing a spruce, you should not pay attention to the trees with the old saw cut, with crumbling yellow needles, with chopped trunks and brittle branches.Such recommendations apply generally to all conifers.

Do not postpone the purchase of New Year's spruce until December 30-31. Because, by this time, the choice will be limited. All worthy spruces will be disassembled, and you will have to choose from what remains. In addition, the price on the eve of the New Year may be much higher. After all, no one wants to be left without a tree on New Year's Eve. The seller will not miss such a moment and will raise the price of a good tree.

Caring for the Christmas spruce: tips

Remember that in the home warmth of the tree to dry quickly, and its needles crumble. Therefore, in order for the tree to please you as long as possible, you should do the following:

  • When transporting a tree home, try not to damage the branches. It will be better if you wrap the tree in a dense material, such as cloth. A soft rope will do. If you are asked to pack the tree in the grid on the Christmas tree market, be sure to do it.
  • Before you bring the tree into the house, it is advisable to leave it for a few hours in the stairwell or on the balcony. A sudden change in temperature can damage the tree. Therefore, if you bought a spruce tree in advance, it is better to keep it in the cold.
  • Bring the tree forward with the crown.Then you will not break the lower branches, and the tree will not lose needles.
  • Put the spruce in the room for 1-2 hours before you are going to decorate it.
  • Put the Christmas tree on battery power.
  • The lower part of the trunk of the spruce should be wetted at least 20 cm, so it would be good to put the Christmas tree in a bucket of sand and regularly pour water there.
  • From time to time spray branches of spruce from the spray. So they will not dry out and not crumble.

We considered various nuances that should be paid attention to when buying a tree. However, which tree to choose depends not only on the quality, but also on your personal preferences. Often, they are the determining factor when making a purchase.