How to choose a coffee machine?

The pinnacle of the art of coffee making is considered to be a coffee machine - a coffee maker with intelligence. She can make you a cup of aromatic coffee in a fully automatic mode, starting with the grinding of the beans and ending with the creation of a frothy milk cap on your cappuccino. If you, finally, are going to get such a luxurious home assistant, but do not know which one to opt for, then maybe our tips on how to choose a coffee machine will help you navigate their extensive range.

The modern market of small household appliances offers a very large selection of coffee machines, ranging from miniature and relatively simple home models designed to make one serving of an invigorating drink, and ending with sophisticated office models equipped with microcomputers with LCD displays capable of producing up to 120 cups of coffee per hour. But let's leave these office and bar models at the mercy of professionals and talk in more detail about how to choose a coffee machine for the house - reliable, easy to operate and inexpensive.

To approach the choice of coffee machines you need to deliberately and carefully, counting on the fact that it should serve you faithfully and for as long as possible, delighting you while doing excellently prepared drink. Before you go to the store for a long-awaited purchase, you will need to know that all coffee machines, depending on the principle of their work, are divided into several classes. Their price and range of possibilities depend on it.

Coffee Machine Classification

Rozhkovye coffee machines

The most simple and unassuming of the whole family, their main advantage is the low price. Therefore, if you have a small amount of money to buy and do not know which coffee machine to choose, we advise you to pay special attention to the horn machines.

The principle of operation of such coffee machines is quite simple - pre-ground coffee is poured into a special horn and pounded with a pestle. Under high pressure, steam is fed into the horn, which, passing through the coffee powder pressed into a tablet, extracts all flavoring and aromatic substances from it. In this way, the world's most popular, strong and aromatic espresso coffee is prepared.Structurally, all the rozhkovy coffee machines differ from each other only in the materials from which their body and horn are made.

In coffee machines, which are located in a higher price segment, they are made of metal, which affects the strength of the units and the taste properties of the drink produced in them. The metal horn, unlike the plastic one, warms up quickly and well, so the coffee in it turns out to be thick and rich, with a rich dark-hazel frothy foam. In many ways, the quality of such coffee will depend on your personal ability to properly tamp ground coffee - quite strongly, but not too tightly. Therefore, such machines can be recommended to those coffee lovers who love to personally conjure over the preparation of their favorite drink and enjoy special pleasure from the very process of making coffee, as they experimentally, changing the degree of grinding and differently ramming coffee, you can choose the desired intensity and strength. drink. Most rozhkovy coffee machines are additionally equipped with special nozzles for making coffee - cappuccino. Also, all of them are equipped with fuses, which disconnect them in case of overheating or the achievement of a given level of vapor pressure.

Combined coffee machines

The machines are of the middle price category, they are in essence hybrids of the coffee grinder and rozhkovogo coffee machine. When you decide which coffee machine to choose, take into account the fact that usually the cost of the combined coffee machine significantly exceeds the total cost of coffee makers and coffee grinders, purchased separately. The principle of operation of this type of coffee machines is quite simple. Coffee beans are poured into the coffee grinder bunker, where they are ground, after which the coffee powder is automatically poured into the horn. Next, the horn must be removed from the machine and tamp the coffee by hand. The whole further process of making coffee is similar to its preparation in the carob machine. Therefore, if you already have a good coffee grinder, then the acquisition of a combined coffee machine does not make much sense for you. Think about it, maybe it would be better for you to get the best horn coffee machine for this money.

Pod coffee machines

They are rarely found in our stores, so we will tell you about them in brief. Chalda is a kind of coffee pill consisting of two layers of filter paper and pressed coffee powder between them.Each of the pods is individually sealed and designed for the preparation of one serving of coffee. The advantage of such coffee machines in the simplicity of making coffee - just open the pod, install it in the coffee machine and press a button. The disadvantages include the inability to regulate the strength of the resulting drink, the narrowness of the varietal assortment of pods, and the fact that different coffee machines may not work with all pods, but only with certain standards. Therefore, if you still have not decided which coffee machine to choose, we advise you to weigh all these pros and cons before choosing a coffee machine.

Capsule Coffee Machines

They work almost on the same principle as chaldovye, but some differences between them still exist. So let's talk about how to choose a capsule coffee machine a little more. Instead of a coffee pill, a special hermetically sealed, disposable plastic capsule is placed inside the capsule coffee machine, inside which is ground coffee. One such capsule is designed for the preparation of one cup of coffee. After the capsule is installed in the slot, the coffee machine automatically pierces the top and bottom of the capsule and passes hot water through it under pressure.The main advantage of capsule coffee machines is that the spent coffee remains in the used capsule, which is automatically removed from the machine in a special container. Therefore, the capsule machine, the only one of all types of coffee machines, which does not need to be cleaned after preparing each serving of coffee. Moreover, its design allows you to brew one after another different varieties, not only coffee, but even tea or broth. The whole thing will only be what capsule you install again. The main disadvantage of capsule coffee machines can be considered that the capsules of one manufacturer are completely unsuitable for the coffee machine of another manufacturer. They are essentially unique and are intended for use in the car only one specific brand.

Automatic coffee machines

This is the most expensive and perfect of all commercially available. They just need to load coffee beans, pour water and select the desired cooking mode on the control panel. They will do the rest on their own. Many of them are equipped with cappuccinators, which gives you the opportunity at home to make coffee latte, macchiato or cappuccino. The only drawback of such coffee machines is their high cost.

Now that you have learned almost everything about coffee machines, we hope you can make the right choice and buy what you really need.