How to choose a doctor?

A good doctor is necessary for each patient. Finding it is not so easy - you need to take into account several important points to find the right doctor for you. We will talk about them further.

Take advantage of a special service.

You can use the service to find a suitable doctor. Residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg are recommended to pay attention to the service Amendment. Here you can use the online entry to any city clinic. The portal is perfectly designed for people. Here are collected real patient reviews about doctors, there is a rating of specialists, a convenient filter for the search and necessary information about medical institutions and doctors. Using the site, in a comfortable home environment, you can find the right specialists and determine the best for yourself.

Do not rely on stereotypes

There are several well-established myths about good doctors that may be wrong in real life:

  • Academic degree. Many people are used to thinking that having a high degree is an indicator of a specialist’s experience. Scientific papers are usually written in narrow medical fields, and they indicate that we have an excellent scientist.A good doctor should have a lot of positive experience with living people. The presence of works and degrees is an undoubted plus, but not the only selection criterion;
  • Cost “The more expensive - the better” - in real life, not always. In a normal district hospital, you can recover very well and quickly, while at an expensive private clinic, you can overpay for the excess. Professional medical professionals are everywhere, and this does not depend on the status of the institution;
  • Age. Do not evaluate the doctor according to his age: young does not mean inexperienced and stupid, and the old does not mean out-of-date. A 30-year-old can be a very good treatment, and a 50-year-old can keep abreast of the latest discoveries and developments. It also happens that an experienced doctor uses outdated methods of treatment, and the young one is keen on new, not proven by good practice. Professionalism depends on the person himself, not on his age.
  • Tips and reviews. If the doctor cured a relative or girlfriend, does not mean that he is perfect for you. People are different, and their situations are also different. The choice of the attending specialist should be individual. Be careful about reviews about doctors.If they are completely positive or negative - they can be deceptive. Pay attention to serious services with real reviews of living people and use them for review.

Choose a specialist thoughtfully

Everyone wants a good doctor to be there, but choosing him according to the “close to home” principle is not the best option. It is about your health and the health of your loved ones - a great life value. Pay due attention to this issue. You can enroll in a local clinic for the treatment of light ailments. If you are not satisfied with the district doctor for you or your child, you can change a specialist. To do this, just write an application addressed to the chief doctor.

If a person has a serious problem, you need regular medical care, you need surgery, etc., choose the best institution and specialist available to you.

In a serious situation, you should not rely on the opinion of only one doctor. Have alternative options: at a minimum, a couple more doctors will be helpful. You can make general conclusions after visiting all.

If there are large diagnostic centers, scientific institutes or leading narrow medical institutions nearby, pay attention to them.Find out what polyclinics are available for them, perhaps it will be the best option.

Pensioners on minor problems and people with disabilities can contact the state polyclinics - they are provided with benefits.

How to determine a good doctor at the reception?

  • The professional will calmly listen to everything the patient says to him and answer all questions. He will certainly acquaint with all current treatment options.
  • A good doctor takes into account the material situation of a person. He will talk about expensive and cheaper treatment and help you choose the best option.
  • If you are expecting a long treatment, comfortable contact with the doctor is very important. If you do not trust a specialist, you are not comfortable with him, it is better to look for another.
  • If the doctor in conversation uses difficult medical terms and does not explain them, ignores the questions of the patient, it is better to refuse further treatment.

The main thing for you is to find a really good and suitable doctor. Consider all these recommendations and they will help you find the best specialist.