How to choose concealer from dark circles under the eyes

All over the world, dark circles under the eyes adorn only the panda. All others hide their concealer. Solid, liquid or cream? We understand why so many textures and who needs them.


As a rule, these concealers come in a mini-size stick or cream powder format and resemble a frozen foundation. It does not matter which of the options you caught your eye, the main thing is that it bears the inscription “concealer” or “proofreader”. If not, the product is most likely intended for the face, not for the eyelids. Another sure way to check for which zone the tool is responsible is to test it. Despite the high density, such a concealer (if it is a concealer) should easily slide over the skin without stretching it. If there is a trace that is difficult to shade, you made a mistake with the choice.

How to choose concealer from dark circles under the eyes

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By the principle of action it is the most insidious kind of disguise under the eyes. Yes, he has a high covering power and durability.And for this he is respected by make-up artists and make-up artists who work on film sets. In normal life, it is better to use it as a corrector: to mask the spider veins, traces of acne or age spots. What happens if you put it under your eyes? He will be hammered into the small mimic wrinkles that each one has, and no force will rescue him from there. Yes, you will hide bruises, but will underscore (or even add up to) age. If the situation is an emergency, that is, only a solid concealer is at hand, mix it with eye cream on the back of your hand. The result of such a homemade product will be a creamy consistency that is easier to apply. But it is better not to be wise, but immediately look at it in the store.


Such concealers usually live in a package with a dispenser or with an applicator (like a lip gloss), it is assumed that they are applied. The soft texture of these products is easily distributed over the skin, creating a deceptive moisturizing feeling. In fact, the ingredients of the category of moisturizing can actually be part of such products, but this cannot replace a complete care - it’s about eye cream. Yes, some manufacturers are trying to go on marketing tricks, but you should not pin high hopes on the concealer from the category 6 to 1. It is unlikely that he will cope with all the promises.Separate care product - must have for your eyes, period.

How to choose concealer from dark circles under the eyes

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By the way, you probably heard about the multi-colored proofreaders? So, purple, green, peach, pink created specifically for different skin tones. It includes the system of blending colors to hide imperfections as much as possible. The same applies to the palette of circles under the eyes. If they render yellow, a porcelain palette will give the best disguise. The light lemon corrector will block the blue, and the peach or pink concealer will remove the brown or burgundy traces on the lower eyelid.

By the way, if you get into the hands of a cream concealer, in which there are no reflective particles, you can safely mask them with minor pimples on the face. If the flicker is present, it will only emphasize the problem. The same applies to the swelling under the eyes: the effect of shine will make them even more noticeable. To avoid this, apply the product not on the “bags”, but under them. This trick will visually balance them against the whole face.


The easiest texture in the texture. They resemble a watery fluid, perfectly shade and most often look like a ballpoint pen with a built-in brush or sponge applicator. Through these nozzles and extruded.

This format is the most popular concealers. And this folk love is not accidental: it is convenient (several times pressed the button and the composition is already on the surface), it is easy to use (you can get to hard-to-reach areas) and hygienically (at any time, the applicator can be washed with water). This option is ideal for the skin under the eyes, the color of which does not require serious adjustment. The fact is that, leaving the effect of a natural healthy radiance, the liquid concealer contains the smallest amount of pigment, and therefore its density, like the covering capacity, is small. But it is quickly absorbed and not clogged in wrinkles, creating the feeling of a second skin.