How to choose the right chignon?

So created a beautiful female gender, which is characteristic of the desire for constant metamorphosis and change. The first thing that gets "under the hand", when the lady has a desire to transform, is, of course, hair.

It is they who tolerate our numerous haircuts, styling, hairstyles, curls, dyeing, but what about those who cannot boast of the natural wealth of their own hair? Chignons come to the rescue - an opportunity to make a beautiful hairstyle and drastically change your image in just 10 minutes.

Hearing the word "chignon", many of us, unwittingly smile and even, perhaps, mentally return to the past, when artificial chignons in the form of "babette" were at the peak of their popularity. But those days are long gone, but now the false hair, most often, is used to create a lush hairstyle at a wedding or other celebration.

Until recently, this was indeed the case, but today everything has changed dramatically: girls, in pursuit of beauty and style, are ready every day to look no worse than on holidays.That is why hairpieces are back in fashion again: it’s not surprising to anyone if you come to work today with a long tail, and tomorrow with a cocky one.

Choose a good chignon

If you decide to purchase such a thing, then you will immediately have a question, but how to choose a good and suitable chignon? First you need to know that they are artificial and natural, depending on which raw materials are used for their production. Which of them is better - it's up to you, because each of them will have its advantages and disadvantages.

For example, hairpieces from natural hair last longer, they can be “washed”, curled, in general, used in almost the same way as your hair. On the other hand, natural chignon often looks worse than artificial counterparts, which are made from Kanekalon - a material based on algae.

Because of this, they look shiny, elastic and silky, in addition, they are easier to pick up in color. They are also more resistant to pollution, they are distinguished by a democratic price, as compared to natural ones, but, on the other hand, they cannot be used for longer than a year, they usually fail during this time.

Choosing a natural chignon, the most difficult thing is to choose a shade so that it coincides as much as possible with yours, especially if you wear your natural color. Then you need to decide on the form - they are different, ranging from standard tails and braids, ending with all sorts of babette, strands and even bangs on tapes.

The simplest thing is to choose natural or artificial chignon-tail, because they are often long and with uniform hair color. Therefore, selecting a hairpiece, it is very easy to notice the discrepancy of color, and choose the one that will be combined with your curls at 100%.

Chignons with a ragged haircut or curls are more difficult to choose because they have uneven coloring, which will look different under different light. For example, having tried on it in daylight, you will see a perfect match with your color, and in the evening everything will change dramatically in the light of the lamps, and that part of your hairstyle — not yours — will be immediately noticeable.

Therefore, when choosing a hairpiece and making the final choice, ask the sellers to turn on the overhead lighting and compare how your hair looks.In addition, in good stores with natural hairpieces there is usually a consultant who will tell you and help with the choice. Be sure to check the fasteners, in particular, this applies to long models, which should hold tightly and not crawl when worn.

There are hairpins, crabs, which should be made of durable high-quality plastic that will provide a comfortable feeling and a stable position of false hair. If you are going to wear a hairpiece on a regular basis, then you may have to taste garment hair, which is firmly fixed on your own hair.

There is also a chignon-gum, although it is not very comfortable in everyday wear - long curls and strive to get confused in it, but it holds tightly enough. In addition, it is easy to make new hairstyles with it, for example, to collect hair in the form of a bun or to make a pigtail.

Another interesting option is an invoice bang, which is very convenient if your own does not have the form that you would like. There is a special option for the beam - today it is very popular, because with its help in just a few minutes you can create a beautiful volume on your own hair.

How to care?

In order for your false hairstyle, as long as possible, to remain in good and natural form, of course, you need to take care of it. Natural hairpieces do not tolerate heat and chemical treatment, all that is needed for them: it is carefully combed and periodically “bathed” in warm water with the addition of a gentle shampoo.

Keep in water for no more than 20 minutes, then rinse gently under a stream of shower and then dry in a straightened form. For artificial models there are special solutions for cleaning, washing can be carried out no more than 1 time in 3-4 months.

Combing them also needs a special brush, the less - the better. To achieve a beautiful shine and softness, after all bath procedures, applied curls can be processed with the help of special caring conditioners.

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