How to choose the weaving of gold chains? (13 pictures)

The gold chain is a universal decoration for all times. But to choose it is not so simple as it might seem at first glance, because there are so many important criteria. One of them is weaving. Not only the appearance of the product will depend on it, but also its durability, strength and ease of wearing.

What to consider when choosing?

So, what should I consider when choosing a weave?

  • How are you going to wear a chain: alone or with a pendant or pendant? In the first case, you can choose almost any product, but it should be an independent and original accessory, so that complex and voluminous weaving will do. If you are planning to wear a pendant on a chain, then it should not be too voluminous and not overly catchy. More simple types of weaving are welcome.
  • Who will wear the chain? All kinds of weaving are conditionally divided into male, female and universal. The first ones look more simple and sometimes even rude, the second ones are more original and interesting, and the third ones are distinguished by elegant simplicity and are suitable for both sexes and all ages.
  • The age of the person.Young people should pay attention to the original and stylish types of weaving. And in a more mature age, concise, conservative and elegant models would be appropriate.
  • Strength. Some types of weaving are distinguished by increased reliability and durability, while others should be worn very carefully and carefully.

How to make a choice?

How to choose the weaving of gold chains? Here are its main types:

1. Anchor.In such a chain, the links are perpendicular to each other, which makes the product look like an anchor chain (hence the name). There are several options for such weaving. For example, in the so-called sea, each link has a certain jumper in the middle. Anchor twisted has a little twisted rings, which gives the chain elegance and originality.

Rings can have a classic, that is, round shape (it is suitable for the manufacture of universal products) and elongated (such weaving is often used to make religious attributes). Chains with such weaving are considered to be comfortable to wear, unpretentious to maintain (dirt does not clog between the links), strong and durable.

2. Carapace WeavingIt may be considered one of the type of anchor, but it looks quite different from it. The links are a little twisted, reminiscent of unfinished eights and are located in one plane, so that the chain seems almost flat (this effect is enhanced by grinding).

This type is distinguished by elegant conciseness, ease of wearing (the chain can not twist or cling to clothes) and increased strength. Carapace weaving is considered masculine, but if the links are small and thin, then such a product may well be worn by a woman.

3. Nona. This especially feminine is sweet, elegant, but at the same time very strong weaving. And the secret lies in the fact that inside large main links, slightly twisted and located in one plane, smaller ones are placed. It turns out that the internal and external links are interlocked as if across, which not only makes the product original, interesting and seemingly voluminous, but also gives additional strength.

4. Bismarck (other names: Cardinal, Kaiser). This species is considered one of the most popular and at the same time is popular with women, men and even teenagers and children.Such a chain is quite massive and voluminous, but at the same time it looks elegant and not too catchy.

Each link consists of several parts, so that the individual elements are placed fairly close to each other, creating a single continuous structure. Of course, between the links dirt and dust can clog, but this is probably the only negative.

5. Figaro (Cartier)- it is more masculine, but at the same time very interesting weaving, which is in its essence one of the varieties of armor-clad. The links are also located in the same plane, but they may have different shapes. Usually the short ones are combined with the longer ones. For example, every three short round links one goes elongated. Such a chain is quite durable and comfortable to wear. But nevertheless links can be twisted due to different lengths and shapes.

6. Perlina.Such weaving has become famous and popular thanks to various key rings. The individual links are made in the form of balls, similar to pearls (hence the name), and such elements are fastened with the help of a golden thread. In the photo, such products look very original, but, unfortunately, they do not differ in high durability and comfort in wearing.

7. Turtle.Such a chain consists of links with flat plates. These products look very original and bright, thanks to which they are especially popular among women.

But you can't call them comfortable, as the links can not only get confused, but also cling to clothes and hair. In addition, when the mechanical effects of the plate can be deformed.

8. Singapore- this is the original and bright variety of curtain weaving. Such a chain looks very elegant due to the fact that the links located next to each other twist in a spiral. As a result, the chain shimmers and plays highlights during movement. By the way, such weaving can be called quite durable. This accessory will be combined with almost any pendants.

9. Snail or clip. Each link has a curl, so that it becomes like a snail shell or a clip.

10. Snake. The name translates from English as "snake", and such a chain in appearance really resembles a snake. This effect is achieved due to the fact that the slightly twisted and perfectly ground links are very tight to each other, creating a literally uniform smooth surface similar to the skin of reptiles.

Usually such chains do not require any additions and are worn on their own. Most of all, this weaving is suitable for the stronger sex.

11. Rombo- a kind of armor weave, in which the links are made in the form of polished rhombuses and are arranged, as it were, inside each other in two or three. Double rombo is more suitable for making chains, and the triple is often used for bracelets. Outwardly weaving looks concisely and simply, therefore, it is popular among men.

12. Venetian weavingIt is considered a kind of anchor, but differs from it in that the links are thinner, flatter and wider. They can be both square and rectangular. Products look very interesting and elegant.

13. Spike. With such weaving, curved links are connected in such a way that they create almost a single beautiful thread. The manufacture takes a lot of gold, so all the products are very expensive. But at the same time they differ in originality and durability.

14. Byzantine weavingIt is considered very complex and refined. And although it is created from quite thin, complexly bonded parts, the product seems quite voluminous.This species is popular among men, but women also often choose it.

15. Whencord weavingthe links enter each other at once in several pieces, as if jumping through two or three elements. As a result, the chain becomes like a kind of harness, so that it is more suitable for men.

16. Rose. In this weaving, each link is a spiral, so all products are distinguished not only by originality, but also by increased strength.

17. Bird's eye. The links are made and intertwined in such a way that every two, located side by side, form an eye-like pattern.

18. Ropeweaving is strong and very unusual. Such a chain looks like a rope or a rope, for which it received such a name.

19. Love. Each link is like a heart.

20. Spit. Such weaving is formed from three separate thin chains intertwined with each other.

Choose the appropriate option and go to the store for a golden chain!

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