How to clean a leather jacket?

The fashion for leather clothes never passes, because it is difficult to find more practical, elegant, keeping the shape and type of things. But still, the skin is also aging, like any living tissue, so questions arise about how to clean a leather jacket, how to restore a leather handbag, how to update a leather belt. Our tips will help you deal with pollution independently.

How to clean a leather jacket: tips

  1. The first thing to try if you have spots on your jacket is a soft cloth and water. Dampen a rag and gently wipe the jacket with it without stretching or deforming it. If there is no result, replace the water with a soap solution.
  2. If your oil stain, moisten a cloth in gasoline or in white spirit.
  3. Ink stains appear if you like to carry a ballpoint pen in your pocket. They can be removed with alcohol.
  4. You can clean the entire product with lemon juice. Dampen a cotton pad in the juice and wipe the entire jacket step by step, without missing any seats. It will become clean and acquire a very beautiful shine.
  5. In order to get rid of stubborn stains and reduce the risk of new ones, you need to wipe the jacket with water and glycerin. This tool will make the jacket soft, and you will also get rid of creases and folds.
  6. You can wipe the jacket and orange peel. Essential orange oils cleanse the skin, break down the dirt, give a pleasant aroma. This tool can not be used for bright things!

If the jacket is light

Young girls often have a question about how to clean a white leather jacket. To do this, there are some tricks and rules. Our mothers and grandmothers, being young fashionistas, cleaned white leather things with a mixture of milk and whipped egg yolk. After such a cleaning, the jacket becomes clean and acquires a pristine whiteness. This method should be used carefully for bright things and absolutely not for dark ones.

To find out how to clean a light leather jacket, you first need to try in the corner, preferably on the inside, all the methods suggested above. But many no longer want to take risks and use home remedies to clean expensive leather items. Many brands that produce skin care products make special shampoos, cleaning fluids, and more.If you come to a large store where they sell such funds, the consultants will help you find them specifically for your jacket. In this case, the jacket is better to take with you.

How to clean the collar and lining

The jacket itself, as a rule, needs cleaning at the beginning and at the end of the season. But there is one part that needs to be cleaned more often. Therefore, some tips on how to clean the collar of a leather jacket. First, it can be treated with a cotton pad, moistening the disc with gasoline beforehand. But there is a more benign method. You can use the milk to remove makeup. Act with him the same way as with the face, wipe, change the discs until the latter is clean.

Another problem could happen. She will require knowledge of how to clean the lining of a leather jacket. Everything is simpler here, the usual soap solution will suit you. Hang the jacket on the hangers in the bathroom, gently soap the lining and wash off the soap with a small jet of shower. Allow the water to drain for 15 minutes, then dry the jacket unfolded on a blanket.