What to clean the scum?

Natalya Kosenko
Natalya Kosenko
January 12, 2015
What to clean the scum?

Water is the basis of human life. Without it, it is impossible to cook, wash and clean the apartment. At the same time, water can cause the breakdown of heating appliances, if you do not take timely measures to prevent and descale them. How to clean scale depends on the type of device.

Causes and effects of scaling

The water that flows from our faucets, as a rule, contains a large amount of calcium, magnesium salts, the smallest particles of dirt and rust. Such impurities are the cause of the formation of scale on the heating elements of household appliances. These can be spiral kettles, washing machines, dishwashers, heating boilers. The rate of its formation depends on the degree of hardness of water, temperature of heating.

Consequences of scaling very bad

  • scale reduces heat conductivity, and therefore increases the time of heating water and energy consumption;
  • under scale, swelling, cracking and other deformations of the heat exchanger occur, as a result of which the device quickly fails;
  • on pipes and walls of boilers scale leads to the formation of pitting corrosion.

How to clean scale from household appliances

If you want to extend the life of your household appliances, do not forget to regularly remove scale from them. If you clean the kettle or the iron easily enough, problems may arise with more complex devices.

There are various ways to prevent the formation and cleaning of devices from plaque. How to clean the scum? Clean the scum properly.

Chemical method

The dissolution of crystallized salts is carried out with the help of special acid-containing agents. The method is convenient because it does not require disassembly of the device. For example, to clean the washing machine from scale, you need to add a reagent and turn on the washing program (without loading laundry). Chemicals should be used with caution, as overdose may damage rubber parts. Chemical cleaning should be carried out regularly, including for the purpose of prevention.

Physical way

This type of cleaning involves the use of various water softeners.

  • electromagnetic transducers - a device that creates a magnetic field of a specific configuration that prevents the deposition of salts and helps to remove old scale;
  • ion-exchange softeners - a device consisting of two tanks: with ion-exchange resin and saline solution, passing through which water loses its rigidity;
  • emollient salts are special products that are added to washing machines and dishwashers when working.