How to clean shoes?

Leonid Veselov
Leonid Veselov
June 1, 2012
How to clean shoes?

Shoes - this is one of the most important and expensive things in the wardrobe. Any pair of good quality shoes is not cheap, but this does not mean that its operational period will increase. To prolong her life, it is better to take care of her.

How to clean shoes properly

Usually this question is asked by many buyers in the respective stores. After all, shoes can be sewn from different materials: leather, suede, nubuck and suede substitute, therefore, a special “attitude” is required for each pair.

How to clean suede shoes

This question is the most difficult, as Zamsh is one of the most "capricious" materials. Although suede shoes are beautiful, but they quickly lose their attractiveness due to some external factors: in the summer - sunshine and dust, in the winter - moisture and salt. But if you take care of her correctly, you can preserve her beauty for a long time.

  1. Before rinsing suede shoes, you should clean it as well as possible with a brush. After put it to dry.
  2. After that, wipe it gently with a special rubber brush. This should be done with light movements, otherwise it will “bald”.
  3. Only after a good cleaning can you paint it with a special paint from a can. It is recommended to select the hue carefully, otherwise the result may disappoint you.

Especially hard suede shoes have in winter. And the matter is not only the slush, but also the salt, which is quickly absorbed into the fabric. Many do not know how to clean shoes from salt, and as a result it becomes covered with white spots. With the help of some means and tricks, you can return your boots to their former appearance, and proudly bring them in more than one season.

  1. Initially, in order to avoid such problems, you should constantly do prophylaxis for suede.
  2. To clean the white spots you will need vinegar. After making the solution, dip a special rubber brush into it and wipe the white spots with it.
  3. Use the aerosol.

Nubuck is also one of the most delicate materials for shoes. Therefore, it is not surprising that many customers are wondering: “How to clean nubuck shoes?”. First, it must be done with extreme caution, since it is very easy to damage such material during cleaning. And if you damage the pile, then a spot will appear on that spot, which cannot be fixed by anything.Note: when cleaning the nubuck in any case, you should not use suede cleaning agents, otherwise it will lead to terrible consequences. You can only help a special brush for cleaning nubuck, it can be purchased at many shoe stores.

How to clean light shoes

Best of all, if you immediately get special tools that provide lubrication and cleaning: creams, sponges, wax, brushes, sprays and erasers. The composition of these funds should depend on the material from which your shoes are made. The main thing is to keep the color of light shoes, in any case, do not store it next to the black one, rather find a separate place for it.