How to clean the carpet quickly and efficiently

Unfortunately, the palace is the main dust collector in the apartment. In places of active use on the surface of the product over time, there are spots, and the original brightness of the paints is lost. Fortunately, if you know how to clean the carpet at home, you can solve the listed problems.

Since ancient times, people use carpets to give beauty, comfort and warmth to the interior. And how pleasant it is to walk around the house barefoot, if there is a soft carpet on the floor. In the case of multi-storey buildings, such products are additionally absorbed by extraneous sounds.

People who have little free time prefer dry cleaning. Less busy housewives clean the carpet or carpet themselves using purchased chemistry or folk remedies. All options have the right to life, so I'll take a closer look at them.

Folk methods of cleaning the carpet of dirt and smell

Vacuum cleaner in the palace

To return the palace to its original appearance quickly, it is not necessary to buy expensive chemistry.Folk remedies effectively cope with dirt, stains and other contaminants not worse.

  • . Vacuum the carpet. Moisten the surface of the carpet with a spray bottle and sprinkle with coarse salt. Wait for a while, then remove the salt soaked with salt with a broom and re-vacuum. Thanks to this method, the product will become fresh and clean.
  • . The product cleans well the jammed places and refreshes the color. Dissolve 5 tablespoons of soda in a liter of warm water. Fill the bottle with a spray bottle with the resulting compound and evenly spray the mixture over the surface of the carpet. Wait 2 hours, then go for a vacuum cleaner. For dry cleaning, sprinkle contaminated areas with soda and vacuum it after 40 minutes.
  • Sauerkraut. The old method involves the use of cabbage, fermented without the addition of vinegar, for cleaning. Rinse the cabbage with water, squeeze and spread the leaves along the carpet. Using a brush, vigorously rub the cabbage. Remove the leaves that have turned gray from the dirt, vacuum the carpet and send it for drying.
  • Universal cleaner. In a small container, mix in a tablespoon of washing powder and soda, add a little vinegar. Pour some hot water into the mixture and mix.Using a sponge, treat with a mixture of carpet, then rinse with water.

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In addition to high efficiency and availability of folk remedies, there is another advantage. It is about safety for products from natural materials.

Purchased funds and chemistry

Photo of an old carpet

Cleaning the carpet at home is a painstaking task. And if one vacuum cleaner is enough for prophylactic cleaning, then assistants are needed to fight strong pollution and odor. We have already considered effective folk methods, now let's talk about the products offered by the chemical industry. What tools best do the job?

  1. Shampoo "5+". Washing composition smells good, easily copes with most of the pollution and is affordable. To combat minor contaminants, use a foam solution prepared by diluting the chemistry with water. In the case of old spots used in a concentrated form.
  2. Shampoo "Vanish".When used properly, Vanish removes dirt and smell, refreshes paint. In a bowl of water, add a little shampoo, mix and process the surface of the product with a foamed solution.If we talk about the shortcomings, there are several of them - high cost, sharp smell and low efficiency in the case of old spots.
  3. Cleaner "Help». The cleaner is sold in a bottle equipped with a spray gun. Help put on a dirty place and rub with a damp cloth. According to reviews of housewives, the cleaner is well proven in the fight against heavy pollution.
  4. "A drop of VOX".Suitable for cleaning upholstered furniture and all kinds of carpeting. Economical, forming a thick foam cleaner, is applied to the surface of the carpet. When the product has dried, vacuum thoroughly.
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CouncilBefore using the purchased chemistry, be sure to read the instructions and test the product on the low-grade section of the palace. Use rubber gloves to protect your hands from chemical burns. After cleaning, ventilate the room.

How to clean a carpet without removing it from the floor

Quick carpet cleaning

It is not always possible to remove the carpet to carry out high-quality cleaning. But this is not necessary. It is more important to choose the best cleaning method, because to combat dust, dirt or odor you will need different methods. Consider each case separately.

  1. . To make dusting the carpet dust as fast and efficient as possible, sprinkle salt on the surface of the carpet product. Wait a few minutes, then collect with a vacuum cleaner or a wet broom.
  2. Ingrained dirt. To eliminate the old pollution suitable chemistry purchase. If there are no industrial cleaners, rescued tea brewing will help out. Spread the tea leaves on the surface of the carpet, wait about 30 minutes, then collect with a vacuum cleaner. This method is ideal for dark carpets.
  3. Unpleasant smell. If there are small children in the house, cats, dogs or other pets, with time the palace begins to smell unpleasant. To refresh it, use a fabric softener. Apply the product to the carpet on both sides and leave for a few hours, opening the windows in the room.
  4. Paint restoration. Over the years, the brightness of the carpet fades. To restore the original appearance, mix the salt and lemon juice in equal quantities, apply to the car with a brush and rinse with a damp sponge.

Now you are convinced that the carpet does not have to be removed for cleaning. If you take into account the above tips, bringing the palace in order will not cause difficulties.


How to clean carpets and carpets in the dry cleaning

Pile of carpets

Carpet - an integral element of the dwelling. It makes the interior warm and cozy. And so that the type of carpet or carpet always pleases the eye and leaves pleasant emotions, the product is recommended to be periodically cleaned.

Some housewives do the cleaning task themselves. Others, due to lack of free time or in the case of expensive products, seek help from specialized agencies. However, only a few know how to clean carpet products in the dry cleaning. About this and I will tell.

There are several types of dry cleaning carpets.

  1. Dry method. The basis is the use of a powerful vertical vacuum cleaner. The device is equipped with a device that raises the pile and easily removes dust and dirt from hard-to-reach points. In the case of heavy dirt, a liquid cleaner is applied to the carpet and then vacuumed.
  2. Steam cleaning. Indispensable in dealing with old stains and bad smell. During the procedure, detergents are not used, which makes this type of cleaning beneficial for people who are allergic to chemicals.
  3. Foam Cleansing. Cleaning using a foam solution is carried out on special equipment. It is incredibly effective in combating various contaminants and stains from drinks. The only drawback - the need for high-quality carpet or carpet drying.
  4. Delicate cleaning. Pollution control technology is based on the use of agents characterized by neutral acidity. Maximum safe for the product.

When the carpet gets into the dry-cleaning, the master gets acquainted with the “patient”, determines the degree of contamination and chooses the technique that will provide the best result. Naturally, this method can not be called a cheap pleasure, but the financial costs fully justify themselves, because a dry cleaner has a lot of advantages.

  • The cleaning procedure is carried out on special equipment.
  • For cleaning products are used, which are made from environmentally friendly components and do not cause allergies.
  • Unpleasant odors are eliminated not only from the pile, but also from the base.
  • All types of dirt are removed professionally using the best stain removers.

Cleaning the carpet at home is a difficult and time-consuming process that requires a considerable amount of time.If you want to get the best result quickly, follow the instructions on household chemicals or effective folk methods.

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Keep things in the house clean, keep warm and comfortable, and you will always have a great mood.