How to connect "Opera" (Opera) on Tele2?

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November 26, 2014
How to connect "Opera" (Opera) on Tele2?

Many Tele2 subscribers often wonder how to connect the Internet to the TELE. You can use the special service "Unlimited Opera Mini" on Tele2. By connecting to it, the user gets the opportunity of unhindered and unlimited access to the Internet. If there is no need for the Internet, you can cancel the service at any time by using the instructions on how to disable services on Tele2.

Steps for connecting "Opera Mini"

The service "Unlimited Opera Mini" on Tele2 is activated on all tariff plans, except those that fall into the category of corporate plans. To connect unlimited internet to your mobile phone, tablet or smartphone with a Tele2 SIM card, you need to go through several stages:

  1. Follow the link or.
  2. Enter the tab "self-management system."
  3. Select the "Connect OPERA MINI" function.
  4. Download Opera Mini browser.
  5. Install it on a phone that supports internet access.
  6. Make settings on your phone to work with the GPRS service.
  7. To activate the service, enter the request * 149 * 1 # and press the call button.
  8. The phone will receive a notification about the activation of the service.

Opera Mini browser allows Android Play Store and App Store. To enable and disable the Unlimited Opera Mini service, you need to use your personal account, where you can find out the cost of the service and the size of the subscription fee in a particular region. Also on the official website of the company there is information about how to connect free SMS on TELE2.

How to disable the service?

If necessary, the subscriber can use the right to refuse the service “Unlimited Opera Mini”. To disable unlimited internet on tel2, use one of these methods:

  • Contact the operator at 611 and state your request to employees of the local branch of the company. You can call on a single number 693.
  • Also, one of the quick ways to disable unlimited service is to deactivate it by sending the USSD code * 149 * 0 #. The successful completion of the operation is indicated by the information received on the phone in the form of SMS.