How to convince a husband?

In the house, the man is the head of the family. And usually, the final word remains always behind it. But it’s not for nothing that there is such a proverb: “Where the neck turns, the head looks there”. Therefore, a woman can influence her husband’s decision, it is only necessary to push him. Women often think that instead of proving something to a man and fighting, it is best to retreat. To convince a man of something, you just need to know the man well and start from it.

How to convince a husband of something

  • To convince your spouse, be sure to be persistent. But at the same time, try not to hurt his self-esteem and feelings. Remember that you are not arguing to quarrel, but because you have a great point of view. Be gentle in your conviction.
  • It is possible to try to use the ancient Chinese military equipment - agree with everything your spouse says, acknowledge that you are doing wrong, accept all human sins and there is a chance that the spouse will step back and start accepting your arguments.Extend the boundaries of your ideas about your situation.
  • Let your husband know that you know how to recognize the right to the existence of his decisions, and, undoubtedly, of what he offers, but there is also a more perfect option - yours.
  • It will be a good act to convince a spouse and submissive polite silence. Just leave the room in the midst of a controversial situation. Behave politely, at ease after returning, but remain silent. After a while, your husband decides to give up!

How to convince a husband to have a baby

The birth of a baby is the most important period in the life of married couples. In order for this moment to strengthen the family and make it more durable, it is important that the baby is desirable for both parents. For many women, the desire to have a baby is considered natural. Everything is much more complicated with men. Some of them really want a baby, in society they openly declare this, and, marrying, do not hesitate with the birth of a toddler. However, there are other men who in any possible way postpone the birth of a child, not looking at the persuasion of his wife and a sufficiently long period of stay in the marriage union.How to convince the husband to have a baby?

  • Many men will be able to stop the uncertainty in their financial situation. Here you can make such an argument that even the very expectation of a child is a wonderful time to think about methods of providing him with everything necessary. Quite often, there is not enough motivation for men to make changes in the way they earn money or a profession, and a child can be a great motivator!
  • The majority of men can be positively affected by such an argument as the extension of the family, because there is nothing to hide - a huge number of men are very sensitive to these things. You can easily dream to whom your kids will look like character, and to whom outwardly. You can connect and competitive moment, because men like it! Therefore, try to explain to your man that in no case, in such a case, it is impossible to rely on his brothers, it is necessary to engage in the extension of the family by yourself.