How to cook chicken pilaf?

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How to cook chicken pilaf?

Pilaf is cooked in almost every country around the world. And this nutritious dish belongs originally to the Uzbek cuisine. The choice of meat for pilaf remains for the cook himself. You can find various recipes on the Internet, how to make pilaf from pork, lamb, chicken, etc. This article is fully devoted to how to cook pilaf with chicken. We will tell you the fastest, but very tasty recipe, as well as the real correct recipe of pilau with chicken.

The main thing is to remember that in rice, rice must be crumbly, each grain is separated from each other. Therefore, whatever recipe a person chooses, the rice must be rinsed several times so that at the end of the rinse the water from it becomes clear. And pay attention in recipes to when it’s impossible to stir rice.

How to cook chicken pilaf fast

The fastest way to cook chicken pilaf belongs to the brand Maggi. You do not need to cook rice in advance, the dish is prepared very quickly, without any extra effort.

We will need:

  • chicken (or 300 grams of fillet, or another part of the chicken, chopped into small pieces),
  • rice (200 gr),
  • "Maggi on the second" for pilaf with chicken.


  1. Cut the chicken for pilaf into small pieces.
  2. Grease a deep frying pan with vegetable oil and fry chicken on it for 5 minutes.
  3. In the pan with the chicken pour 400 ml. water, add rice there immediately and pour out the whole bag of "Maggi".
  4. All thoroughly stir and bring to a boil.
  5. After this we make the fire small and cover with a lid. Thus prepare the pilaf with chicken, without mixing 15-20 minutes. The pilaf will be ready when all the water is absorbed into the rice.

How to cook chicken pilaf correctly

This pilaf can be cooked not only in eastern countries. Of course, for traditional Uzbek cuisine it is important that lamb is a part of the pilaf, but the European version is also not bad. Moreover, white meat is very useful, contains much less fat and is the same source of protein as pork and lamb.

We will need:

  • chicken fillet (you can separate the meat from the bones of the whole chicken) - 400 - 500 grams,
  • rice - 400 - 500 gr,
  • onion - 200 gr,
  • carrots - 250 gr,
  • salt, spices for pilaf.


To begin, we will cut everything: onions and carrots into strips and a chicken in small pieces so as not to waste time on it in the process and not miss the right moment.It is not necessary to take chicken fillet, you can even take a whole chicken and chop it into pieces or just separate the meat. By the way, many people like chicken pilaf when all parts of a chicken are present in it, even on a bone.

We start cooking pilaf with chicken ... Fry onion until golden brown in vegetable oil in a very deep frying pan or in a cauldron. Then put the pieces of chicken to it and fry them. Add carrots to chicken and onions and cover the pan with a lid so that everything is extinguished within 5 minutes.

Then sprinkle all the spices for pilaf, salt and pepper. Use only these spices, because pilaf without barberry, Zora, for example, is not pilaf! Sachets with similar seasonings especially for pilaf are now full on the shelves of our stores.

Returning to how to cook pilaf with chicken. After the spices, pour all the water, and so that it covers the chicken. Stew the dish for about 25 minutes. After that, you can fill the rice without stirring, and add water so as to cover the rice by two cm. Now it remains only to simmer the pilaf for about 30 minutes until ready, and then mix.

Also in the pictures with chicken pilaf you can often notice black circles.What could it be? The fact is that some prefer to add prunes or raisins to the pilaf. Want to try? Then cover the rice with these ingredients, and then pour it with water.

Pilaf of lamb or pork is prepared according to the same principle. The difference is that this meat should be roasted longer.