How to cook millet porridge?

To solve the problem of how to cook millet porridge is quite simple, especially since there are general rules for cooking garnish from cereals. In fact, the same rules can be used when you need to cook millet porridge with milk, but only crumbly.

Tips and tricks

Before you properly cook the millet porridge for garnish, grits must be thoroughly washed. Several times, pour water into the dishes with cereal and stir the cereal by hand, then drain the water. Such washing will remove excess gluten from the cereal, which is the reason why the porridge is made sticky, not crumbly. For cooking, use only 500-600 ml of water per 200 g of cereals, but no more than that, because excessive liquid also causes increased porridge stickiness. Indeed, in the process of cooking, the cereal will still take as much liquid as it needs, but no more.

In the process of cooking, we recommend adding either butter or any vegetable oil to the millet porridge, which will help to separate the grains from each other.We recommend boiling porridge in a saucepan with a lid in which there is a hole (today you can buy such dishes at any specialty store). Holes allow you to get rid of excess fluid in the process of cooking porridge. Dark in color millet grain less sticks together than light, so when buying cereal, pay attention to its color.

But, of course, the ideal way to cook both millet and rice porridge is a rice cooker or its modern interpretation - a slow cooker. The fact is that it is very easy to cook the millet porridge in the slow cooker, and at the same time, you can fall asleep the cereal even in the evening by setting the time delay mode so that you have breakfast in the morning. How much to pour liquids into the cereal when cooking porridge in a slow cooker is usually indicated in the instructions for a household item or in a recipe book that is sold with a slow cooker. Therefore, follow the recipe for cooking porridges and instructions for household appliances.

Millet porridge with dried apricots and pumpkin

To prepare such millet porridge, you need to take:

  • a glass of millet groats;
  • 200 g of pumpkin pulp, milk and dried apricots;
  • 500 ml of water;
  • some honey (if desired, this product can be not added to porridge, replacing it with sugar);
  • butter.

In the dishes, in which you will be cooking the millet porridge, put the grits, previously washed well, add the crushed dried apricots and the pumpkin cut into cubes. Please note that the pumpkin must be cleaned of the peel and seeds - for the porridge we take only the pumpkin pulp. Pour all this with the prescribed amount of water and add butter, put on the fire. How much to cook the millet porridge, depends on what kind of fire you will cook, because as a result, you should get a porridge absolutely dry, but not burnt. Therefore, during cooking, stir occasionally porridge.

Removing porridge from the heat, add honey and milk, but if you do not like honey, then replace it with sugar, which must be put in the porridge at the stage of cooking. Put the porridge on the fire again and bring to a boil. Cover with a lid, for 10-15 minutes, you make porridge over low heat. Remove the dishes from the heat and wrap the porridge well with a towel - it should stand for 15 minutes. Bon appetit!

Millet porridge with apples

According to this recipe, it is necessary to boil the millet porridge in water, therefore this dish is almost dietary, except for adding butter to the porridge during the cooking process.But you can replace it with any vegetable oil, for example, peanut oil, which will give spice to the porridge. To prepare the dish, take:

  • on a glass of wheat 2 glasses of water;
  • sugar and salt;
  • 50 g butter;
  • one apple.

Apple peel, cut into cubes. Wash the croup. By the way, before cooking milk millet porridge, we wash the grits in the same way as when cooking in water. Boil water and pour all the ingredients into it, including cream and not enough. Cook for 15 minutes. After that, leave the porridge "reach" 45 minutes, wrapped it in a towel.