How to create a new database 1C?

Irina Fateeva
Irina Fateeva
March 5, 2013
How to create a new database 1C?

Many young employees are very poorly versed with such a program as 1C Enterprise. More experienced workers have to spend their time and explain to them all the features from the very beginning. In fact, creating an updated information database in 1C is extremely simple. Reading the description of this process will take much more time than creating the base itself. So, let's see how to create a new database 1C.

Create an information base

The first thing we need to do is start the 1C Enterprise program. Now you will see the newly opened launch window. Click on the "Add" button. Now you will see a window for adding various groups and bases. Now select the item “creation of a new information base” and click on it.

So you can create a clean information database or just a demonstration database. It is necessary to create a new information base 1C in order to start keeping records in it or simply for educational purposes.

The next thing that needs to be done is to add the list to the already existing information database. This must be done in the case when the flash card already had an information base, but for some reason was deleted or lost. If you copied it from another computer, now in the window that opens it will be enough just to write its path.

Thus, in order to create a new base 1 С 7.7, it is necessary to activate the button “Create a new base”, and then click “Next”. Now you can view the hierarchical tree with a certain set of configurations on the screen. Selecting one of the templates will give you the appearance of your database.

Be sure to see if the “create database from template” button is activated. For example, we need to create a database "Trade Management". We click on the cross located on the branch and we have two more branches. Now you can see the latest releases and revisions of this configuration.

Demonstration option base

To create, for example, a demo version of the informational database of 1C edition 11, you need to select a branch and click on the “Next” button that appears.Now we need to name the branch of the new base and determine the type of its location. Again, click "Next" and in the next step we specify the location of the updated database 1C. If you did not specify a location address, the program will place the database in a standard folder. For demo versions, these placement options are fine.

If you create working bases, then it is desirable for them to indicate a much more reliable place. You can change an already selected placement by clicking on the button in the red square. Then you also do not change the settings and click on the final button "done."