How to create a recovery disk?

There are cases when the Windows system brings unexpected surprises in the form of crashes. In order not to lose data, you need to know how to create a rescue disk. Moreover, it is not so difficult to do this and you need a Partition Manager and a DVD for this. If you want to provide more complete data integrity, then the best option would be to use an image of the system partition.

Create recovery disc

Before you create the recovery disk you need to load a Windows operating system image, open the control panel and go to the System and Security menu. Next, you need to open the "Backup and Restore" submenu. After that, in the left column you should find the item �Create system recovery disk� and go to it. Now you can insert a blank disc into the DVD drive of the computer by specifying this drive in the program window and click the Create Disc button. Wait for the system to write the required files to disk.

After that, you can start creating a Windows operating system image that will be used to restore its working state.Next, open the �Backup and Restore� menu, find the �Create System Image� item and select the location of the future archive. In this case, the use of external USB-drives is recommended, as it will help to restore the system if the hard disk is unreadable or damaged. After clicking the �Next� button in the new window, you will see a list of hard disk partitions that are to be archived. If all the necessary parameters are set correctly, then to start the process, click the �Archive� button.

System Restore Disk with Partition Manager

If you need to save not only the system partition, but also some other important files, this can be done with the help of the program Partition Manager. Before you create a recovery disk xp or seven, you should find it on the Internet and download this utility. After its launch, you need to open the �Wizards� tab and select the �Copy partition� item. And then in the next window, click the "Next" button, after specifying the hard disk partition that you want to save.

In the window that opens, select the location for storing a future copy of the system partition.For this purpose, it is quite possible to fit any third-party media or unpartitioned hard disk area. After that, you need to click the Next and Finish buttons. Now open the �Changes� tab, select the �Apply changes� function and wait until a copy of the section is created.

System Recovery Disk via Paragon

If you do not have this program, then it should be downloaded and installed on your computer. Before you create a system recovery disk, you should start it and click on the �System and Data Recovery� section and click on the �Create an emergency boot disk� link. Then in the �Rescue Disk Creation Wizard� tab, click the �Next� button, select the media: CD / DVD and click �Next� again. After you select a recording drive and you need to click again on the "Next" button, where in the next window you should specify the maximum speed with which the disc will be recorded.

After writing to the disk you need to click the "Finish" button and close the program. Now knowing how to create a system recovery disk, you will be sure about your data.