How to create an effect?

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How to create an effect?

A good shot is not just a high-quality photo, which captures those moments that can no longer be returned, a good shot, first of all, conveys the atmosphere of that very moment. However, often, looking at a seemingly good photo, you realize that something is definitely not enough. And here comes photoshop to the rescue. At your discretion, photos can add the missing effects. For example, you have a photo of a motorcyclist moving at high speed, and you want to add some dynamics and even more realism. Well, there is nothing easier! Learn how to create a motion effect and get to work.

Effect of motion in Photoshop

To work you need: the original photo, the program photoshop and the desire to create.

  1. Open a photo of a moving motorcyclist, make a copy of the background (you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + J);
  2. Then, start working on the newly obtained layer - open the "Filters" tab, select "Motion Blur". Then determine the angle and degree of blur.
  3. The whole photo turned out to be blurred, but we only need the background to be blurred, not the motorcyclist. To do this, select the “Eraser” tool on the left, lower the stiffness so that it is soft and start “erasing” the motorcyclist.
  4. That's all, you have a more “live” photo!

The effect of the frame from the movie in Photoshop

The effect of cinema for photos is quite popular. The main thing is that no special skills are required, everything is very simple.

  1. Open the photo you want. Create a new hue / saturation adjustment layer. Photo saturation lower about half.
  2. Merge layers using Shift + Ctrl + E. Slightly correct the exposure of your photo, to do this, go to the tab "Image - Correction - Exposure". Now your photo has become more contrast.
  3. Create a vignette: go to the tab "Filters - Distortion Correction - Custom", move the slider to the left to make the vignette darker. Click OK.
  4. Finally, create a sepia effect. To do this, go to the "Image - Correction - Photo Filter" tab and select the appropriate one. You can also optionally add a little blur to your photo and two black bars above and below.