How to curl straight hair

You will need
  • - curlers, papilotki;
  • - Thermo curlers;
  • - curling iron.
Screw uphairwith the help of curlers. Wash your hair or wet it thoroughly, then blot it with a towel. Apply to the entire length of the hair foam. Start curling strands from the top to make your hair look voluminous. Twist them on the curler from the tips to the roots. For larger volume on the middle and lower parts of the hair, use hair curlers of medium diameter, and for the top area - large ones.
Allow hair to dry completely. Especially pay attention to the roots are completely dry. If you have a little time, then use a hairdryer, but in this case the form is likely to remain for a while. Then gently dissolve the hair without tugging at it. Quickly warm the air blow hair strands at maximum power. Comb, shape your hair and sprinkle with hairspray for longer styling.
Use for curling hot rollers.Heat them in hot water, apply styling product on your hair, and then wind the strands in the same way as on plastic curlers. Leave the hair rollers on your hair for 20-30 minutes. After remove them and comb hair with rare teeth.
Use tongs for hair, if you want to get cool beautiful curls. Sprinkle hair with a thermal protector and distribute it evenly with a brush. Divide dry hair into 4 parts: the back of the head, the forehead, the right and left sides. Heat the electric tongs.
Start the curl from the neck. Twist the strands 2-3 cm wide in winding spiraling onto the curling iron away from the face, moving from the tips to the roots. Hold no more than 10 seconds. Then gently unwind them. Since hot hair breaks easily, do not brush it until it is completely cool. Under the weight of the lock can quickly disintegrate, so hold the strand in the palm of your hand, as soon as you removed it from the curling iron, and then sprinkle lightly with varnish. At the end of the curl, comb, apply a fixative.