How to cut a man?

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How to cut a man?

To keep men's hair in order, you need to regularly cut it. If the hair grows rather quickly, then sometimes it has to be done up to two times a month. Haircut in our time, the pleasure is not cheap. Therefore, it would be nice if we figure out how to cut a man and learn how to do it yourself. Thereby saving the family budget.

How to cut a man

You will need a hair clipper and thinning shears. First, how to cut a man with a machine, the hair should be washed and dried thoroughly. Haircut machine is carried out only on dry hair. Then prepare the workplace: clean the carpet or lay an oilcloth on the floor. Throw a sheet or a towel over the man’s shoulders so that it is easier to remove hair and do not fall on clothes. Take a comb and comb your hair.

Select the appropriate nozzle (usually there are several nozzles included with the machine). The more hair you plan to cut, the shorter the attachment should be.Haircut should be performed starting from the occipital region of the head. To do this, use a large comb nozzle. Type the machine upwards.

First, press it against the skin, then lift it slightly above the hair. We need a big nozzle to shave off the parietal part of the head. Drive the machine, directing it from front to back, going down a little towards the temples. Make sure that the movements are smooth and do not change the angle of inclination. The more movements you make the machine, the more accurate your haircut will be for your man.

After the hair on the back and top of the head is cropped, change the nozzle to a smaller one and re-cut the lower back of the head. To do this, you need to press the machine to the head and arrange the transition from shorter to longer hair by increasing the angle of inclination between the surface of the head and the nozzle. After that, decorate the whiskey.

To properly trim your temples, comb your hair in different directions. Turning to the parietal part, also pay attention to the smooth transition from short hair of the temporal region to long hair of the upper part of the head. The final stage of male haircuts is the edging of the neck, temples and areas behind the ears.Do it without nozzles. Carefully carry out the machine, moving along the contour hairstyle from top to bottom, making out, thus, a haircut.

To make the hairstyle more accurate look, take thinning shears and eliminate all the irregularities and shortcomings that you made when cutting. Haircut is complete. Remove the cape and remove all cut hair.

How to cut the men we figured out. If, however, some nuances remain unclear, the video how to cut a man you can easily find on the Internet.