How to cut the machine?

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How to cut the machine?

Hair has always been considered a special decoration for men and women. But everyone knows: it is not enough to have beautiful hair from nature, you also need to cut it periodically. How to cut a hair machine?

Of course, haircuts created with a hair clipper are popular today, but not everyone knows how to do it. Scissors to cut more difficult, and hair clippers are now a huge amount, and they are inexpensive. In addition, the ability to cut with a machine will help in everyday life: it will be possible for a beloved man to cut and capricious child. In fact, to curb this "electric beast" is very simple and from our note you will learn how to cut hair with a hairbrush.

Features of a haircut machine

In order to know how to cut a machine, first you need to understand how it works and how it works. The hair clipper consists of two rows of teeth: the bottom row consists of fixed teeth, the top one consists of moving teeth, with the first more than the second. Hair cutting is obtained by sliding the top row along the bottom row, that is, the teeth of the machine work on the principle of scissors.

Remember the following points:

  • machine only cut dry hair.If you cut wet hair, you will ruin the entire cut and dull the blades;
  • if the hair is very grown, then cut the ends of the hair with scissors a little before cutting;
  • the machine cuts hair only when it encounters resistance to hair. This is the basis of the principle of the hair clipper. If you move the machine in the direction of hair growth, the hair will bend to the head and will not be in the teeth of the machine;
  • when the machine, cutting off hair, reaches the top of the head, it is undesirable to take the machine off abruptly, because it is possible to damage the hair. It is necessary to slowly separate it from the head.

Technique haircut machine

So, how to cut a hair clipper? Suppose you find someone who has entrusted his head to you, combed his hair, turned on the machine in the outlet. The first time it is better to cut just under one nozzle to get used to the work of the machine.

Take the machine in your right hand - the thumb should rest on top, and let the rest of your fingers clasp the machine below.

  1. Put the attachment of the desired length on the machine and start cutting from the lower occipital zone. Enter the machine in the hair under the roots and move it upwards.Periodically shake the hair with a typewriter so that it does not clog. Thus pass the entire occipital zone.
  2. Next, cut the frontal parietal region (from the back of the head to the forehead) and temples. Do not leave sticking missed hairs and if you see them, once again spend in the wrong place with a machine.
  3. Around the top of the ear shell, hair grows differently, so the movements of the teeth of the machine need to be changed in order to direct it against the growth of hair. A skillful hairdresser bends the ear with his left hand, and the left bends with his thumb, and the right with the little finger.
  4. Now you need to perform the edging - to give a finished look haircut. Change the type of attachment to the smallest and gently smooth out the uneven transition from hair to body. Try to keep your hand from trembling, otherwise you can ruin everything. If you try hard, the haircut will come out neat and level.

As you can see, you can even learn how to cut hair beautifully at home, but if you want to be able to do different hairstyles, then you should enroll in haircut courses.