How to decorate your hair?

Galina Uneasy
Galina Uneasy
February 22, 2013
How to decorate your hair?

Beautiful hair has always been the dignity of any woman. For styling model haircuts do not take much time, so they are good. Owners of long hair have to solve every day, albeit small, but the problem: how to decorate hair?

Everyday hair accessories

The ordinary elastic for the tail has become the most common accessory for hair. It can be a velvet or lace ribbon, expensive spectacular fabric, decorated with beads or rhinestones. It is great for everyday use.

A second, equally common way to quickly pack long hair is to use a barrette. Color barrettes must necessarily match or at least in harmony with the outfit. It is better to buy large large hairpins in solid colors, preferably from natural materials - wood, leather, suede. "Screaming" hairpins, studded with sequins and colored stones, talk about the bad taste of its owner.

Festive hair accessories

Holidays, anniversaries, celebrations make any lady think about how to decorate her hair. Successfully selected hair decoration will give your look charm and originality. For a wedding, anniversary or a romantic party, flower decorations will do. If a live flower is used for decoration, it must be fresh. The flower is fastened to the hair by stealth or hairpin. The bride will look just charming if the hair is decorated with a scattering of small delicate flowers.

Another equally impressive hair accessory is the decoration of bird feathers. It is usually mounted on a hairpin or thin hoop. Hairstyles, decorated with an elegant mesh, have long become classics. Depending on the purpose, the mesh can be decorated with flowers, pearls, beads. Essential accessories for hair decoration - hairpins and hair needles. With their help, complex spectacular hairstyles are created.

How to pick up accessories?

Before you decide how to decorate your hair, you need to know a few simple rules about how to choose the right accessories. Clothing with a small pattern requires the use of small hair ornaments.Large, large hairpins or “heavy” jewelry will not fit soft, flowing fabrics.

Do not use multiple accessories at the same time. Any decoration must fit the event. Try not to save on hair accessories. A worn hairpin or a stretched old elastic will ruin any image you create.