How to draw a circle?

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How to draw a circle?

There are many ways to draw a circle. Consider the most interesting of them.

Draw with squares

We need: ruler, pencil, eraser.

  1. We draw a square using thin lines that can later be easily erased.
  2. We draw the axis of symmetry of the square - the lines that divide it in half along the sides and diagonals. The result should be four lines intersecting at the center of the square.
  3. We work with diagonals. We divide each half-diagonal into three equal parts. We mark on the semi-diagonal (with the help of the division) the points at the level 2/3 from the center of the first square. These points are the vertices of the new square. Draw it.
  4. On the middle of each side of the first square and on each corner of the second square, mark the points (8 in total). Through these points we draw a circle.
  5. Carefully erase auxiliary lines. It is done!

Draw with a rope

We will need: rope, tape, pencil.

We take the rope and measure the necessary radius on it, put some label, for example, a piece of scotch.The end of the cord is applied to the imaginary center of the circle, the “tagged” end and the pencil are clamped between the index and middle finger and draw a circle, holding the end located in the center with the other hand.

Tip! First, hold the upper semicircle, then turn the sheet 180 degrees and repeat the work.

We draw with the help of improvised means

We will need: something round, a pencil.A circle

If you are not friends with the eye, the above instructions are unlikely to help you draw a perfectly smooth circle. In your case, other available tools that are initially round in shape may be suitable. Look at the dishes, there is an abundance of diameters - a plate, a saucer, a base of a cup, etc.

Draw using the program

We will need: a computer program, a printer.

If you did not find a round object of the desired radius, you can draw a circle using a computer program, for example, Photoshop, and then print it.

  1. Open Photoshop.A circle
  2. Select the tool "Ellipse" on the toolbar, which, as a rule, is located on the left.
  3. We hold down the left mouse button, and, following the prompts of the program, draw a circle of the desired radius.

You can also use the Brush tool. To do this, choose a brush shape - a circle, and in the dimensions indicate the diameter of the circle to be drawn. In this case, you only need to make one click with the left button on the canvas.

This is how many ways there are to draw a circle without a compass.