How to draw a goat

Lay the landscape sheet horizontally. For sketching, take a solid pencil (2T), hold it without pressure, so that the lines do not shine later under a layer of paint. Light contour mark the location of all objects in the figure. Look for the most advantageous composition in which the sheet will look evenly filled.
Build an image of each object using line segments. Start with the kid who is on the left. Draw a horizontal axis that coincides with the location of his spine. Tilt it down a bit. From the right end of the axis, set the line up to the left. Its slope relative to the horizontal should be 45 °. This line should be two times shorter than the previous one. Draw the neck and head of a kid.
Parallel to the horizontal axis, draw a line of the kid's belly. The width of his body is equal to the length of the neck. Bend the back line up slightly, and the abdomen - down.
Draw the kid's legs, divide their length in half. At the level of the knees, the hind legs of the animal are slightly bent back, and the front legs are bent forward. Gradually increase the thickness of the legs as you approach the body.
Specify the body shape of the animal, finish the oval tail and ears. The right ear, draw a narrow oval, and the left - in the form of a wide petal. Add a nose and an eye on a muzzle. Auxiliary lines erase.
Draw the second kid. Draw his body as an approximate contour, it will be possible to paint it more precisely. Build an image of a bucket from which the kids are drinking. First draw the central vertical axis of the object, then draw horizontally across. Draw ellipses on them, the upper one revealing more than the lower one.
Paint the drawing with paints or pencils. First, apply the color to the lightest areas of the goat's fur - along the back. Then write out the volume using color spots, moving from light to darker. Do not leave the legs and heads of animals covered with white wool unpainted. For a volume effect, add bluish and ocher shadows to them. Last, color the grass. Draw shadows on it.