How to draw a hat

You will need
  • - paper;
  • - pencil;
  • - paints or colored pencils;
  • - Pictures with images of different hats.
Even if you want to come up with your costumea hat�unusual style, try to draw something classic first. The principle of drawing all the hats with fields is the same. The difference lies only in the width and shape of the fields and the crown. Sheet layout can be any.
Draw an oval. Arrange it better horizontally. If the hat is below your eyes, the oval will be wide. In this case, that his line, which is closer to you, will be on a plane below the far. The fields directly in front of you look like a very narrow oval or even a straight line. Looking ata hat�below, you will also see an oval, but at the same time below is the far part of the fields. If you are drawing a ladies' hat with soft margins, draw an oval uneven. Curvature can be in any part of the fields and in any shape.
For convenience, draw two centerlines.One crosses the oval in length and connects the most distant points. Divide this line in half. Draw a perpendicular to the middle. It can be carried out only in one direction - where the crown will be.
From the intersection of the axial ones, retreat along a long line at equal distances to one and the other side and put points. For a musketeer hat, these points will be from the edge of the fields approximately at a distance of ¾ of their width. The field of the cylinder is very narrow, so the distance from the middle to the sideline of the crown will be approximately 7/8 of the length of this segment. Connect the points by an arc parallel to the front line of the fields.
Draw the side lines of the crown. If you are drawing a musketeera hat, then these lines go to a small height almost at right angles to the fields, or converge slightly upwards. At the cylinder, they either diverge at a small angle, or, again, perpendicular to the fields. The height of the cylinder liner is about one and a half times its width. Connect the upper ends of the sidelines with an arc or a straight line. If you draw a felta hat, the convex part of the upper arc will be directed upwards. The bottom in this case is not necessary to draw.
The bottom of the musketeer hat or cylinder is an oval. Draw the upper part of the already drawn arc. Round the joints of both arcs. Sketch cylinder is ready. For the musketeer hat need more feathers. Draw a curved line from anywhere in the junction between the fields and the crown. This line is directed upwards at a slight angle. Surround it with a wavy line.
If you are looking ata hat�From the bottom, start drawing in the same way from the oval of the fields. As in the previous case, draw two lines. For the long axial, set aside the full width of the crown in both directions, and for the short one - very small segments. Connect the dots with each other by an oval. In this case, only a part of the crown is visible. Above the middle of the upper line of the fields, draw a low trapezoid. Her ribs are located slightly closer to the center than the edges of the hole on the bottom of the hat. Instead of the upper line of the trapezoid, draw a slightly curved arc with the convex part upwards. Since the cylinder fields are significantly narrower, the crown is more visible. Its width is almost equal to the width of the hole, and the bend of the top line of the crown is parallel to the line of fields in this area.