How to draw a tiger with a pencil?

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How to draw a tiger with a pencil?

The tiger has an interesting color in the form of a pattern of stripes, so if you draw it in pencil, it will be spectacular and expressive. The beginning artist will most likely find it difficult at first. Take the time to understand all the nuances of drawing a tiger - and everything will work out.

Before starting work

First, prepare the necessary materials for the work:

  • paper (size optional);
  • solid pencil;
  • pencil medium soft 1-2 B;
  • soft pencil 6-8 B;
  • eraser for correction.

A solid pencil is for contours, it will be needed at the main stages of work, while soft ones are connected at the final ones when we draw a pattern on wool and apply shadows.

How to draw a tiger in pencil in stages

First of all, you should study the anatomy of cats in general. Without this, it is difficult to create a tiger on paper so that it looks natural. And if you are going to draw it at the moment of jumping or running, then you will have to study the position of the joints and the amplitude of their movement for different body positions.View photos of cats in different poses to get a better idea of ​​their structure.

TigerImagine the important features of the anatomy of a tiger.

  • The head is large, the neck is powerful, wide.
  • The body is wide.
  • The belly is slightly rounded.
  • Forepaws are massive.

So, begins the creation of a picture with a sketch. Sketch the torso, head, limbs. The body is made up of two circles - the one closest to the head, make it noticeably wider. Too much pressure on the pencil is not worth it.


It can be drawn in profile or face.

When drawing in profile:

  1. Draw a circle, add guide lines (see picture). Draw a circle of small size (tiger's muzzle). Now divide it conditionally into 16 parts, mark the line of the mouth.tiger
  2. Sketch a nose. Use the guide lines to draw the eye.
  3. Gently erase the guide lines, complete the sketch: paint the eyes, nose, mouth, fur, stripes and shadows, draw a tiger's ear.

The head in front is drawn as follows:

  1. First draw a circle. Divide it into quarters with two guide lines. Draw an oval in the lower half of the circle - in the center, conditionally divided into 8 parts (see the figure). Add a nose.
  2. Mark the mouth.
  3. Add guide lines around the head to the circle, start drawing eyes. Do not place them on the nose line - eyes start away from it.

Details of the muzzle

Draw the details, do not forget to remove all the auxiliary lines with an eraser. There are several features.

  • The tiger's ears are small, you do not need to sharpen them. The edge of them like cut. On the back side - black, and with a black contour in front. Theirtigerthe inner part, on the contrary, is white.
  • The eyes have light wool around. Draw a dark line along the lower eyelid. The lacrimal canal of the tigers is long.
  • The nose is light, wide.
  • The tiger's mustache is long, light and thick. The bases of the whiskers are black thin stripes.

Drawing torso and pattern on wool

Finish the tiger by drawing powerful paws and finishing the long tail. Do not forget the strip.

The tiger stripes can be arranged differently, however there is a certain pattern,tigerwhich can be used. The Bengal and Amur tigers have different patterns.

Draw wool with neat dark strokes, soft pencils. Stroke the shadows - remember that the torso is lighter at the bottom, the hair around the cheeks, the chin is white.

Tip: when you adjust the eraser drawing, be careful, do not shake the garbage with your hand, so as not to smear the image.