How to draw watercolors in stages?

September 23, 2014
How to draw watercolors in stages?

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How to draw watercolors in stages?

Translucent tones, lightness of textures, delicate colors - all this is watercolor. It attracts many with its airiness and ease. Everybody can learn to paint in watercolors in stages; you just need to practice a little. Watercolor is always painted on paper, not on canvas. Often the paper is moistened with water to give a smear a special blurry shape. There are quite a few drawing sites on the web where you can find drawing lessons in watercolor for beginners, for example on. In this article we will give a basic knowledge of this technique of drawing and tell you how to paint with watercolors in stages, in different stages.

How to draw water colors: recommendations

To master this technique, you will need the following materials:

  • watercolor paints;
  • watercolor paper or album;
  • round brushes (preferably squirrel);
  • sponge;
  • palette;
  • water.

If you have never painted watercolors before, try them at work first.Apply the paint in different ways: thick, translucent, thin strokes or wide. If excess water or paint has formed on the paper, they should be removed with a sponge. Try to mix colors in the palette for different shades.

Technique Grisaille

Beginners are recommended to first master the grisaille technique. This is a solid performance.Watercolorworks using black or brown gradations. To draw any picture, you must first make a pencil sketch. Choose a simple plot: fruits, geometric performances, etc. By performing work in this technique, you will learn to feel watercolor, to work with chiaroscuro, to convey the depth of tone.

We draw watercolor color drawings

After that, you can approach the execution of color drawings. Here you canWatercolorgive space to your imagination: you can paint flowers, portraits, still lifes, etc. with watercolors. Act like this: first make a pencil sketch, then make a plain drawing, and then add color.

Beginners can be advised to do copying watercolor works of famous artists.So you will master all the subtleties of skill and develop your own style. First copy simple works, pay attention to Chinese and Japanese watercolor paintings. The laconic plots and the depth of tone of these amazing paintings will not leave you indifferent.