How to dress on the beach?

Arslan Avanesov
Arslan Avanesov
February 1, 2013
How to dress on the beach?

The beach season is a real high point for those who during the whole year spent all their free time visiting fitness clubs and gyms. However, even these lucky ones carefully and carefully select clothes for such a holiday. Properly chosen beach clothing can not only hide the minor flaws of the body, but also emphasize the particularly advantageous features of the figure. That is why the range of beachwear today is huge and diverse. In this, it is easy to get lost, even the most avid mod. So, let's talk more about what and whom to wear.

How to dress up on the beach girl?

For lovers of the romantic image, the ideal option would be a light, airy sundress, regular slates and sunglasses. Girls are slim and fragile with a choice of swimsuit do not have to suffer, because any models are suitable for such a figure. Such beach set of clothes will be winning and stylish:

A democratic outfit with elements of good old rock will also look great.Casual denim shorts, a classic large bag and gladiator sandals decorated with metal buttons are a definite plus. Well, glasses with bright frames complement the image.

For girls who can boast luxurious spicy shapes, a one-piece slimming swimsuit is a good option for a bathing suit:

Beach dress or swimsuit with skirt will also emphasize seductive forms:

How to dress up on the beach guy?

The guys in the issue of beachwear do not have to reinvent the wheel. The traditional men's outfit for the beach is a simple T-shirt or polo shirt, matched in the color of the shales and beloved shorts for surfing, suitable for walking around the city, and for swimming.

However, you can experiment and replace shorts with light trousers or light-colored jeans, and shale with tennis shoes or moccasins. Directly for swimming, you can choose the usual swimming trunks or tight boxers.

A simple cotton shirt will be a great alternative to a tank top.

How to dress on the beach in another country?

Going on holiday abroad, you should familiarize yourself with the customs and traditions of this country, for the violation of which you can sometimes incur an appropriate punishment.So, heading to the beach in the UAE, forget about short shorts and skirts and do not go beyond the fenced-off beach in a swimsuit or swimming trunks.

In the Caribbean, meanwhile, they are actively fighting beachwear in the city. It is forbidden to wear camouflage suits in them.

In Egypt and Morocco, it will not be superfluous to cover the hair of tourists, even on the beach, as native residents do.

Residents of Thailand negatively relate to red and yellow colors in clothes. Here, the color of the dress determines the membership of a political faction, the opponents of which may not approve your taste.