How to dress properly, if by nature a large bust

First you need to choose a suitable bra that will highlight your strengths: it will support the chest from the bottom and lift up, creating a kind of push-up effect.

You should also choose a neckline that will expose the dignity of your bust. For this fit V-shaped neckline.

A dress with a collar in the form of a collar or with a high waist will also come to your aid.

If you carefully hang the pendant in the separation between the breasts, it will give an effect that attracts the eyes to you and your bust.

Bras with lace perfectly emphasize the features of your chest, because even one correct fold will help to visually enlarge the bust.

What if the bust is too big?

On the contrary, the owners of an overly volumetric bust, who want to visually hide breast size, will be helped by tips.

Lingerie is just as important, but this time it’s worth focusing on the waist, not on the chest itself.

Cutouts in the shape of a semicircle or square will look perfect on your chest, visually reducing it. It is also important to monitor the depth of cut, because too deep cleavage will attract unnecessary attention to you.

It is better to choose accessories of large sizes from jewelry, as compared to small pendants, they will not create a special contrast. Against the background of a large necklace, the chest will not stand out for its size.

Do not make friendship with narrow straps, they will only give the upper part of your body excessive solidity, which is not at your fingertips.

Do not choose clothes whose sleeve ends in the middle of your chest. This length of the sleeve will attract unnecessary attention to your chest, due to the fact that the sleeve and chest are on the same line.