How to drink martini?

Victoria Matyushkina
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How to drink martini?

Martini is a brand of Italian vermouth. The composition of the Martini is diverse and has about 35 species of plants (St. John's wort, polynya, chamomile, coriander, etc.). It is the addition to the composition of the plants that gives the drink a refined taste and a unique aroma. In order not to lose the whole bouquet, you should know how to drink Martini.

Martini rules

  • Martini refers to aperitifs. They are served before meals to whet the appetite. Therefore, a tumultuous feast with this drink will not work. Rather, it is suitable for parties where people come to chat.
  • A classic way of using martini is a martini with water. You can also dilute martini with juice or add ice cubes. Drinking martini for food is not accepted. Properly drink a martini with light snacks, for example, different varieties of cheese. Nuts, salty crackers and olives are well combined with martini.
  • There are many Martini-based cocktails. Here you can give free rein to the fantasy.Add pieces of berries or fruits to the martini, mix with vodka, sweet liqueur or rum. There are many options. The main thing - do not lose the taste and aroma of the Martini. Therefore, it is not worth diligently mixing everything.

How to drink Martini? Let's talk more about the features of the supply and use of Martini.

  • They drink martini chilled, in small sips, as if stretching pleasure. You need to feel the whole taste and aroma of this drink.
  • Martini need to drink from the low glasses of old-fashion. But now it does not matter. In clubs and bars you can serve Martini in a glass or in a glass of whiskey.
  • In their pure form, Martini is practically not consumed. It is customary to drink martini with juice, mixing in a certain proportion. It is best to choose citrus (grapefruit, orange) or cherry juice. But you can experiment, because everyone has different tastes and it is difficult to say unequivocally how to drink Martini.
  • The proportions of juice and martini can be different, for example, 2: 1 (juice and vermouth, respectively), or 1: 1: 1 (juice, vermouth and ice).
  • Before drinking the martini, the bottle must be cooled. Place the bottle in the refrigerator for a while. The optimal temperature of the drink is 10-15 � C.Such a temperature regime will allow you to fully experience the whole taste of the drink, to feel all the spicy notes, to recognize the herbs contained in the Martini.

How to drink martini asti

Martini Asti is a sparkling wine or, as they call it sparkling wine - champagne. This drink has an exquisite taste. It is served to the table of crowned persons.

Drinking Asti's martini is taken from a glass of sparkling wine - a traditional glass of a wide type of champagne. Served Martini Asti cooled to 6-8 � C.

Martini and Martini Asti - drinks, tastes that should be enjoyed slowly.