How to drink protein?

Protein, also known as protein, is one of the most popular supplements on the bodybuilders menu. And not by chance: after all, it helps the recovery and growth of muscle tissue. How to drink protein? Acceptance of protein depends on its type, the period of training the athlete, the dose, time of day and physical activity.

Types of protein:

  1. Whey - the most popular among athletes. Below we consider in detail how to take it correctly.
  2. A long-playing one is absorbed for 7-8 hours, so it makes no sense to take it more often 2 times a day. The usual time of reception - in the morning and before bedtime.
  3. Protein isolate - is a pure protein. It is used on the same principle as whey, but it is absorbed faster.

Now let's talk more about taking whey protein. In the period of "drying" (fat loss and muscle formation), protein is very useful. Often at this time, whey protein is replaced by protein isolate. It helps to quickly get rid of fat and achieve a clear drawing of the muscles. During this period, you can take either protein isolate or whey. Doses of protein should be small - 10-15 g.

During the period of gaining muscle mass, it is necessary to observe a balance between the intake of protein and proteins from food. This ratio should be about 50:50. The daily rate of protein for men with a high content of subcutaneous fat is 200-250 g, with a low content - 250-300 g. For women, similarly 180-250 g and 200-250 g.

When to drink protein? The best time to eat protein is in the morning, before training, after training, before going to bed, and between meals.

Taking protein in the morning prevents the destructive effects of cortisone on muscle mass and nourishes it with energy. Dosage - 40 g.

The frequency of protein intake between breakfast, lunch and dinner should be 2-4 times between 25 and 30 g. So it is effectively absorbed, and you will not torment the feeling of hunger. It is not necessary to drink protein during or after a meal, as it is either partially absorbed or not absorbed at all. If you skip a meal, you should take a complex or slow protein.

The most effective methods of protein before and after workouts. The fact is that during intense exercise in the body there is a lack of protein that needs to be filled. The protein in this case is absorbed quickly and efficiently. The dosage before training is 20 g, after training - 40 g.

At bedtime, it is better to take a slow or complex protein to avoid night catabolism.

How to drink protein, in what form to use?


  1. A powerful anabolic effect gives the intake of protein from casein and whey proteins in one portion. This mixture should be taken before and after exercise. In the morning, whey protein hydrolyzate is more suitable.
  2. Protein powder can be added to beaten egg white. They need to mix and eat the resulting mixture with a spoon. If you have problems with digestion, you can take a tablet of betaine or another drug containing hydrochloric acid and pepsin.
  3. Protein can be mixed with milk, kefir, water.
  4. Natural cow's milk contains a valuable supply of healthy proteins. Drink it.
  5. Steak and eggs also contain high amounts of protein. Especially these products are useful to eat during the "drying". It is enough to use them twice a day.

You can not:

  1. Use a blender to mix protein with other products. The consistency of the mixture will be small, so the protein is practically not subjected to digestion.
  2. Abuse protein intake for muscle growth, otherwise negative nitrogen balance may occur. You will be disgusted with protein foods.If this happens, it is better to switch to plant foods, vegetables and fruits for 3-4 days. After that, you can resume eating protein foods.
  3. Take protein if the body does not want it. Remember that the body of each individual.