How to repaint hair? Rules and Tips

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For any girl hair plays an important role. Hairstyle helps to look cute, sexy or feminine. In this case, a lot of influence on the appearance of hair shade. Someone considers the natural color as inexpressive, and someone has to dye their hair because of gray hair.

But you can not give a guarantee that the new image does not get bored after a couple of months, in this case there is a problem of repainting the hair. Of course, I want the color change to occur quickly, and the shade turned out to be desired.

Mistakes when dyeing hair

Dyeing hair at home, we can make a lot of mistakes. When dyeing hair, they lead to the wrong color, as well as harm curls. It is important to be able to pick the color. Of course, professional coloring is always better, but frequent procedures are not affordable for everyone, because people resort to home manipulations. So, the main mistakes:

Assume that the resulting color will completely coincide with the shade on the pack.

It is a mistake to assume that after painting you get a shade identical to the shade of the curls on the package.The result of the painting will depend on the native color. For this, it is important to look at the color chart on the back of the pack.

Painting without testing for allergies.

All paint manufacturers are advised to test for allergic reactions. The plot is required to take on the inside of the elbow, behind the neck or behind the ear. The reaction manifests itself as inflammation, irritation, and hair loss is possible.

Use paint without prior staining.

Big mistake - to paint all the curls at once. Select an inconspicuous strand and check the result on it.

Do not repeat common mistakes, do not violate the advice of the instructions, then your curls will be minimally affected by staining.

Use conditioner prior to staining.

Do not use conditioner before dyeing. Just wash the curls with shampoo. The problem is that on the curls before painting should not be free radicals, but a day before painting it is better not to wash the curls.

Putting dyes on tangled, dirty hair with traces of styling products.

One month prior to painting, systematically moisturize the curls with masks. Before dyeing, wash your hair, cut dry ends.

Increase staining time.

Overexposure of paint (longer than advised instruction) is fraught with negative consequences. At excess of time of coloring there is a violation of technology. Paints have a different composition: gentle formulas, as well as resistant shades. Especially scary to overdo the paint when bleaching hair.

How to repaint hair? Rules and Tips

Apply dandruff shampoos.

Such compositions differ too powerful cleansing properties. For colored hair, special lines of dandruff shampoos are created.

How to recolor black hair

It does not matter here, the shade from nature or obtained after dyeing is not easy to dye black hair. There are 2 ways: expensive and long, and also cheap. But remember that in one painting change the shade will not work.

If you are a supporter of the first method, then you will need the services of an experienced colorist. He is able to choose the most sparing way, based on the structure of the hair. Perhaps you will be offered a phased clarification. After each procedure, the curls will become lighter by a couple of tones. Full color change will take 1-3 months, it depends on the final shade.

Black curls difficult to lighten.To carry out such manipulation, many procedures will be required. A sharp change from dark to light is fraught with negative consequences for the hair.

Another option is frequent coloring. At first hair decolorizes, then paint locks in different shades. This path makes it possible to smoothly go from dark to the desired color. After each manipulation, the number of dark strands is reduced.

Cheap way suitable for self-use. It requires masks from natural ingredients: kefir and beer. Of course, to obtain a tangible result, it will be necessary to carry out these manipulations systematically over several months. The advantage of this type of hair repainting is not only bleaching, but also the treatment of curls.

In addition, there is the option of painting in other shades, moving to the desired color. But this method will take about 6-12 months, it will bring a minimum of negativity to the curls.

How to recolor red hair

These pigments "sit" very deeply, like black ones. But they are rapidly losing their brightness. If this color is natural for you, then you will be able to change it by lightening hair.Otherwise, the result will be yellowish, and rust will appear through dark shades. The problem when repainting red hair does not arise only when using black. He completely neutralizes the redhead.

If the red curls have become after painting, then before the color change will have to turn to the wash. After the first manipulations, the hair becomes yellow, so you need to resort to toning. The wash should be repeated until the shade becomes monotonous, without yellow impurities. Then it's time to use the paint and get the desired shade. These manipulations can be done at home. But remember the important points. Keep brightening paints on the curls for a certain period of time, and therefore it is necessary to apply them quickly. In addition, it is important to achieve a uniform distribution of the wash, otherwise you will get spotty hair.

How to recolor blonde hair

In fact, it is much easier to repaint blond hair than others, because they do not have to be brightened. But here there are tricks that should be considered to obtain the desired color. In a situation with hair of light shades, they are principled.

How to repaint hair? Rules and Tips

First of all, the chosen shade should be suitable for the color of the skin.If it is warm colors, then choose paint with gold, bronze and caramel shades. When the skin color is cold, stop on the paint with an ashy tint.

As for coloring and monochromatic painting, everything depends on the shape of the hairstyle. For short haircuts of a strict form, uniform coloring is suitable. It will strengthen the laconism of the image.

Changing the color of curls of light shades is easiest, but it is important to remember about the right choice of color. Follow the instructions and advice of professionals.

If you have curly or long hair, you like to make braids or bunches, then choose coloring. It will give the hair style lightness and texture. Blondes with pale skin can feel free to choose dark tones. This gives the image expressiveness. If such changes frighten you at one time, then do the coloring. So the color change will be gradual, you will have time to get used to the image.

If you want to lighten the fair-haired curls, then feel free to choose any colors of the shade “light blond” or “blond”. This will help to easily change the color. But it is important that the shade matches the color of the skin.

Care for dyed hair

The use of any paint will not pass without a trace.It takes a proper care for colored hair, because they suffer from exhaustion, brittleness, cut ends and irritations on the skin:

the less often you are dyed, the more useful it is for the hair. For this reason, you want to keep the shade for as long as possible. It is worth using special lines of funds;
change the image in the salons. Professionals do not just pick up the desired color, but also make every effort to minimize the negative effects;
It is not necessary to produce at the same time different procedures. Curling, painting or straightening is required to be done separately, not in one day. The minimum interval is 2 weeks before painting or 2 weeks after it;

How to repaint hair? Rules and Tips

Do not use too hot air to dry hair, do not wind it with a curling iron and do not even straighten the wet locks with wet hair. This spoils a lot of hair structure, dries them. If there is no time to dry the hair in a natural way, then use the means for thermal protection;
Each month, cut off the visited ends. To do this, it is better to use hot scissors, which solder the ends.

Folk recipes for colored hair

We must not forget about the benefits and effectiveness of popular recipes for colored hair. Some have not the most pleasant smell, and the duration of the action is longer than the finished products, but the benefits and effects are much better.

Most of these recipes are infusions for rinsing curls. Excellent effect on the colored curls have compositions with celandine, sage, yarrow and nettle. Light hair is suitable for sunflower and chamomile. For dark hair - oak bark and hops, coffee and tea. Red curls beautifully shaded by henna and karkade.

To prepare the infusion, you need 1 spoonful of different herbs and 2 liters of boiling water. Herbs are covered with water and allowed to stand for 30 minutes. Then the tincture is filtered and used for its intended purpose.

For hair care, use only special lines of cosmetics for colored curls, as well as restoring traditional masks.

One of the key problems of dyed hair is slow growth. Folk remedies offer to combat this problem by using alcohol tincture of red pepper. It should be rubbed into the roots every day for a month, then rest for 7 days.

Masks from milk, sour cream, kefir and honey smooth the hair cuticle. It is much damaged by chemical paint. The most effective results are achieved if you prepare masks based on these products. The simplest is mixing honey and milk and smearing curls. Keep this mask for at least 2 hours.

How to repaint hair? Rules and Tips

But it is worth noting a couple of secrets of dyed hair care:

Try not to use detergents for 3 days after painting. This will allow the pigments to be better to consolidate.
Do not wash your hair with too warm water. It reveals the cuticle that washes out the shades;
do not go to the pool for 14 days after painting. Chlorine destroys pigments;
protect your hair from the effects of ultraviolet light, color fade;
Do not change the image more often than every 3 months, otherwise your hair faces loss of beauty, shine and health.

Where to dye your hair

Remember that the choice of salon, where you will dye your hair, plays an important role. But even when painting a professional's hair with high-quality paint, it does not always give the required tone immediately. Often it is necessary to repeat the manipulations. Because the cardinal image change is undesirable for hair, change the shade gradually. When painting hair, you should consider many factors:

amount of gray hair;
features of the structure. Rare and thin sneak faster than thick;
hair length The longer the hair, the greater the negative impact on them. This plays a role in staining;
native shade and paint shade. Light color is worse than dark. Red shades are better fixed at the roots, but are easily washed off from the painted curls;
The shades that you used to color the locks before. If natural paints were used, then chemical should not be used. The desired result will not be achieved.

Based on this, it is worth noting that it is worth dyeing hair and changing shade only in proven salons by professionals using high quality dye. Otherwise, the desired result can not be guaranteed.