How to find a person in Moscow?

Moscow is the capital of Russia, where millions of tourists come every day and want to work, so getting lost in a large flow of people is quite simple. But with the advent of modern information technology, the search for a person has become a little simpler. Let's talk about how you can find a person in Moscow.

First of all, you need to collect all the information that is known to you, your family and friends about this person:

  • phone number;
  • age;
  • place of residence (or where you last saw it);
  • special signs;
  • photographs;
  • pages in social networks;
  • email

After that, you can start searching for a person.

You can find a person in Moscow for free using the following options:

  • contact the police station and special services;
  • place ads on social networks;
  • search by phone number;
  • make a request to the transfer "Wait for me";
  • search on specialized sites.

Police station and special services

You need to write a statement about the disappearance of a person in the nearest police station and provide all the information that you know about the person.The operative employee will accept the application and will start to search for the person according to your application.

Central Address Office

If you know the name of the person and his approximate age, then you can contact the Central Address Bureau of Moscow, which is located at the address: Moscow, ul. Krasnoproletarskaya, 10, telephone number 978 - 28 - 90. Also, the necessary information can be obtained on the website.

Thus you can find a man by the name in the city of Moscow. A few more ways to find a person by name you will learn from the article - How to find a person by name.

Social networks

It is also important to place an ad on finding a person in social networks (Facebook, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki). Perhaps some visitors will recognize it and help you find it. Here you can specify all the information that you know, including displaying photos.

For more information on how to find a person by photo, look in the article - How to find a person by photo.

Search by phone number

Mobile operator

If you know the phone number of a person, you can find it by contacting the mobile operator. But this service is paid.In addition, the mobile operator may refuse to issue data without relevant documents, for example, a formal request from a police officer.

Landline phone

If you have a home phone number, you can find the person’s address using the website or. You can also use the printed directory of telephone numbers in Moscow.

Here you can also find the phone number of a person who is registered in the city of Moscow.

See also the article How to find a person by phone number.

Transfer "Wait for me"

Turning in the transfer, you can find the missing person. Also information about the search can be placed on their official website.

Specialized sites

Help in finding a person can and specialized sites, such as a site. You need to enter data and wait for information processing.

You can also try to find a person by mail.