How to find out IMEI phone?

Evgeny Lukashenko
Evgeny Lukashenko
May 21, 2012
How to find out IMEI phone?

Generally, what is IMEI? By and large, this is the identification number of your phone, a combination necessary for registering the device on the network. Yes, imagine, after switching on, your device sends some information to unknown places! And without our intervention, by the way. In principle, the SIM card itself serves this purpose, but the IMEI of each device has its own. How to find out IMEI of the phone and ... why?

Gray Phones

The bottom line is this: in the network of one operator can not be simultaneously registered two phones with one IMEI. This is like a router and client machines - if two people have the same mac-address, they will be alternately knocked out of the network, giving access to the last caller. But with the Internet it is easier, you can trick the device by setting up all sorts of port forwarding and so on, thereby allowing two devices with one identifier to work simultaneously. Mobile communication is merciless: if all of a sudden IMEI of your device coincides with someone else, then the one of you who first turned on the phone won. What if not you?

Hence the question arises why the phone manufacturers allow themselves such errors. And no, they do not allow, every phone that came off the assembly line has its own personal IMEI. Then who?

Again they are these evil intermediaries. Yes, those people who sold you the phone are the culprits of the “celebration”. Often, even in large networks for the sale of electronics, the firm-seller allows himself to reflash mobile phones. Sometimes it even looks very arrogantly, it seems like the default buttons assigned to launch applications from a marketing company (the author personally encountered such swineness from Euroset in the distant times on the then fashionable L7 Motorola), sometimes minor changes for the sake of adaptation for the buyer, for example, additive localization, Russification. Then it is even very useful, but. The main "but" here is the lack of worthy IMEI generators for these "flashers". And even more often - the IMEI, once invented, is installed at all, the same for all victims of the marketing policy of these sages.

How to find out your phone's IMEI

For example, how to recognize IMEI of a Nokia phone, even though the algorithm is the same for everyone.

  1. Turn off the machine
  2. Remove the sim card
  3. Turn on the mobile.
  4. Dial on the screen a combination: * # 06 #
  5. "Call"
  6. Your phone's IMEI will be displayed.

Now that you know how to recognize an IMEI phone, I will cheer you up: if you are from Russia, then do not worry about the “grayness” of your device. Even if it is (strangely, if it is different), then your operator has already taken care of everything - they need customers, and they often simplify their protection or even remove it.