How to find wifi?

Wireless Wi-Fi connection today is an integral component of every fifth apartment. The need to access the Internet often arises even when you are not at home; for this, there are so-called public Wi-Fi networks, each with its own name, signal level, and type of connection. To establish a wireless connection on your tablet or computer, you need to connect the Wi-Fi module. For more information about the details of connecting to the public WI-Fi network, as well as about using the network, you will learn from our article How to connect to the WI-Fi network.

People easily cut across the expanses of the worldwide Internet, watch movies, download music, communicate in social networks, however, any technology has the ability to fail, the interaction of a laptop or PC with a router that distributes a Wi-Fi signal is no exception.

In our article we will try to briefly and thoroughly tell you how to connect your PC or laptop to a WI-FI access point.

In case you have a laptop:

Check if there is a special button on it to connect the Wi-Fi connection (usually from the side or from the end, next to the USB drive), or check the F1-F12 keys on the top keyboard panel, one of which can have a Wi-Fi icon in the form of an antenna.

Most often, a combination of the following keys is used to connect a wireless network, depending on the device model:

  • Fn + F5;
  • Fn + F2 - ASUS notebooks;
  • Fn + F12 - individual models of HP;
  • Fn + F5 - Lenovo;
  • Fn + F9 (F12) - Samsung laptops.

If you have done the operations with the above key combinations, and the Internet still does not work, then you need to check the system settings of the computer itself:

  1. The first step of the algorithm is to check the system driver, as well as its activation on the computer
  2. Select the "Control Panel" menu, then "Device Manager", then the "Network Adapters" window, which will open several more tabs, the tab you need should contain the word "Wireless" - this is the desired adapter.
  3. If there is an exclamation mark opposite your adapter (found in the previous step), then the problem is with the system driver. If the record is completely absent - you need to install the driver from the disk that came as standard with your laptop.
  4. If there is a yellow exclamation mark opposite the adapter, then right-click on it and select the "Enable" item. The adapter must be connected.
  5. Next, through the control panel, we find the network and internet menu and select "Network Connections", we find a wireless connection - this is the Wi-Fi network we are looking for, right-click on the dialog box and select the "Enable" command.
  6. On the control panel we find the Wi-Fi icon, select the network we need and connect it. If the network is protected with a password, it will be requested, and only after proper input will the network be available.
  7. Wi-Fi network is enough to configure once, after which it will be stored in the memory of the laptop.

How to find a Wi-Fi network on a PC

The algorithm is very simple and in many respects similar to the principle of connecting a laptop to a wireless network.

  1. In the "Start" menu, we find "Control Panel" and then - "Network and Sharing Center".
  2. Choose an action - "connect to the Internet."
  3. In the opened available connections, we find the network we need and click "Connect", if necessary - enter the security key.