How to flash a printer?

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How to flash a printer?

Printer firmware is changing device settings. Many printer models need firmware when it comes to changing cartridges. All manufacturers are fighting with companies that refill cartridges. To do this, they put some protection to block the refill of the cartridge.

But many users do not want to overpay for new cartridges, so they resort to filling the old one with paint. All printers have different methods of firmware: some can be flashed through a computer, while others need mechanical action, for example, removing a chip. In general, the firmware of the printer is not difficult. Enough to know how to flash a printer.

Flash the printer

If you do not have enough equipment, then it is better to contact the specialists in the service center. But if you decide to flash your printer yourself, we will now tell you how to do it.

  1. So, first you need to download the firmware along with the utility for the desired printer model. It should be selected in accordance with the current software version. Of course, try to download only official versions. Having passed, you download software for Samsung, Xerox, Dell.
  2. Check the downloaded program for viruses.
  3. Next, turn off the printer from the power source and connect to the computer.
  4. It is best to download the service manual for the printer model you want to flash. Without it, it is better not to perform the firmware, since it contains the correct sequence of actions for this model.
  5. Next, on the computer through the menu of the program “File” we open the downloaded version of the firmware and install it on our printer. This may take several minutes, during the installation it is not advisable to carry out other manipulations with the computer.
  6. After the update is complete, print the system file.

Precautionary measures

In any case, self-flashing a printer can be a risky job. To reduce the chances of failure, pay attention to the warnings:

  • Do not disconnect from the mains during operation. Otherwise, the computer or printer may no longer turn on.
  • During the firmware, do not connect other USB devices to the computer, not even a mouse.
  • Use only good USB cables.
  • Keep in mind that self-firmware of the device automatically removes the warranty from it.