How to get a job in Gazprom?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
September 23, 2014
How to get a job in Gazprom?

Gazprom is one of the largest and most profitable companies not only in Russia, but also in the world. Naturally, work in such a large, stably developing corporation is a dream of many. Fortunately, everyone has a real chance to work for Gazprom, no matter how difficult the task may seem at first glance. From our article you will learn how to get a job in Gazprom.

Job selection

Begin by defining the scope in which you can be helpful. It is possible that at first you will have to agree to unskilled work, but with a further perspective. On its official website, the company publishes a list of necessary specialties, which can be viewed at the link. Please note that the list of posts is incredibly extensive. There are engineers, secretaries, doctors, economists, managers, and security guards. First of all, review the vacancies related to your current place of residence.Although if the conditions are worth it, why not think about moving? If nothing came up, continue to monitor vacancies. Someday you will be lucky and you will find a request for the position you are interested in. Also on the site you will find a questionnaire for applicants. Carefully complete it. This is your real chance to get a job at Gazprom.

Creating a resume

Write a resume to the position you are interested in and send it to the company. Perhaps at the moment there will not be suitable vacancies for you, but the personnel department will have you in mind when the free space appears. You can also post your resume on specialized job search sites (,

From student's bench

Students of specialized universities and technical schools have a unique opportunity to complete an internship at the company's facilities during their studies, and if they show themselves to be an intelligent specialist, get a job. Today the corporation cooperates with the following educational institutions:

  • Ukhta State Technical University;
  • Tomsk Polytechnic University;
  • St. Petersburg State University of Economics;
  • Russian State University of Oil and Gas. THEM. Gubkin;
  • Novy Urengoy College of Gas Industry;
  • National Mineral Resources University "Gorny";
  • National Research University Higher School of Economics.