How to get what you want: 5 daily practices

It's time to start working on the realization of a dream, which for reasons unknown to you has not come true for several years now ...

Why not all of our even the seemingly simplest dreams come true?

“Maybe it's not time yet,” you say to yourself. “Or you don’t want this so much,” the relatives will answer you ...

Both answer options, of course, have a right to exist. But we advise you not to give up and continue to dream and believe. Only slightly change the strategy. For example, to use the practitioners for the implementation of desires, which are known in philosophy, and in psychology, and in esoterics, and in astrology.

Perhaps some of them seem simple and even banal. However, not everything is as simple as it seems. If you do exercises every day throughout the year, you will feel that you are not just dreaming, but fighting for a dream. And any actions, as is known, promise a result.

1. Enjoying your desire card

You have probably heard more than once about a map or a collage of desires, when photos, pictures and clippings from newspapers and magazines are stuck on a sheet of at least A5 size.This exercise, we note immediately, is quite painstaking and time consuming. One day or even a week will surely be little.

Dreams, plans and goals must first be clearly articulated. Better yet, write it down. Moreover, by zones: family / relationship; work / study; health / sport; personal development / education; friends / chat; hobby / self-improvement; finance / security; rest / travel.

And this must be done even if your dream is connected to one specific zone. You must understand that happiness comes only when all spheres of life are in harmony with each other.

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Next you need to find pictures that are associated with what you want. And only then glue or attach them to paper. And here there are some nuances. Read moreread about them here.

How does the wish card help you come to a dream? Thanks to her, you can formulate your plans for life as clearly as possible. And yet, every day, admiring your creation, visualize your life.

2. To live on the moon

Whether you like it or not, the moon affects our health, behavior and life. And it is already scientifically proven. Just pay attention to your health and mood during the full moon or, for example, to the growing moon. The difference will be obvious.

We are lucky that now there is no need to calculate the phases of the planets. Lunar calendars are publicly available and anyone can use them. The main thing is to follow the calendar and follow the recommendations of the astrologers: to be restrained in the full moon, make plans on the first lunar day, avoid negative thoughts on the seventh lunar day, think about your desire on the eleventh lunar day, etc.

What do different phases of the moon say,read HERE.

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3. Donate

In order to bring something new into your life, you need to start life in a new way. And not just in a new way, but in the right way. Why not dream of a bad habit for the sake of a dream? And not for one day or a month, but for life. You can also donate your time, going nowhere, and make it a rule every week to visit a second aunt who is always glad to see you. Or donate part of your salary and transfer money to a charity fund. In general, you can come up with a lot of cases. The main thing is, once again, regularity!

By the way, in order not to get lost in your sacrificial deeds, we advise you to write them down on a sheet of paper. Example: I dream of a new car in 2018, but I promise myself never to be late for meetings, call parents every day, transfer 300 rubles to a charitable foundation every month.

4. Give thanks

Try to make it a rule to start the morning not with a bad mood and a cup of coffee, but with gratitude. Even if you think that everything goes wrong. Thank for everything: for good and for bad. Sincerely and honestly. Just think for a second that there are those who dream of your life! And yet, what do you think, who will realize the dream - a person who, in spite of everything, is happy with what he has, or from someone who is always dissatisfied with everything? The answer is obvious.

5. Live positive vibrations.

This means not only sacrificing your time and money for the sake of others and thanking the world for everything you have, but also not doing evil to anyone, not thinking about anyone bad, not quarreling, not gossiping, not making trouble. The list can be continued indefinitely. But the results of this practice do not need to talk much. Everything is clear without words. You will radiate the right vibrations and thereby attract only the good into your life.