How to grow a violet from a leaf

You will need
  • - violet leaf;
  • - a small container of dark glass;
  • - charcoal;
  • - expanded clay or any other drainage;
  • - leafy ground;
  • - high peat;
  • - sphagnum.
For grafting, select a healthy sheet from the second or third row, if you count from the bottom of the outlet. Leaf stalk should be strong, green, with no signs of drying or rot.
Separate the sheet from the outlet and trim the cutting with a sharp knife at a forty-five degree angle. The cut of the cutting should be slightly dry, to do this, leave it in the air for half an hour.
Most often, leaf cuttings root in the water. To do this, take a dark glass container with a narrow neck, fill it with boiled or distilled water at room temperature and put a cutting there. The container with the handle should be kept in a lit place, but avoid direct sunlight.
From time to time check the status of the cutting. If it starts to rot, trim it again, dry the slice for forty minutes, wrap the leaf blade in a damp cloth, and process the cut point with charcoal.After that, the stalk can again be put in clean water.
Watch the water level. If it has gone down, pour boiling water at room temperature into the container.
The stalk should be planted in the soil mixture, when it will have roots a centimeter long - one and a half. Some gardeners prefer to keep the leaf in the water until a young leaf outlet appears at the base of the cutting, but there is a danger that some of the cutting and young leaves will have time to rot.
For the preparation of the planting mixture, take two parts of leafy ground, one part of high-moor peat, and two parts of sphagnum.
For planting the cutting a small container is suitable, such as a plastic cup from a set of disposable tableware. Make a hole in the bottom of the cup and put clay on the bottom. Top with a well-mixed and hydrated soil mixture and plant the rooted cutting to a depth of no more than one centimeter.
Water the rooted cuttings at room temperature. You can cover the container with a handle by a transparent glass jar or plastic bag.