How to grow grapes

You will need
  • - pruner and shovel.
Breeding of grapes begins with the autumn pruning, during which the required number of chubooks for future seedlings. Cuttings are placed in a box with moistened sand and sent to the basement.
At the end of December, the chubukas are removed from the sand and brought into a warm room. Rejected: dried up and rotted, you can just throw. The rest, suitable for rooting, are immersed at one end in a container with water at room temperature for soaking for about a day.
Secateurs, below the kidney, retreating a couple of centimeters, make an oblique cut on the chubuk, after which the cambium (plant layer under the bark) is cut with a sharply sharpened knife from the eye down on four sides.
The treated cuttings are wrapped in a wet cloth and placed in a black polyethylene bag, which is then removed to any dark place in the heated room. From now on, chubukov should be strictly upright.From time to time they are removed from the bag and the rag is moistened.
Approximately in a month, the first roots should appear from the places of the cuts on the cuttings, after which the tubers are transplanted into pre-prepared cut plastic bottles filled with peat or a mixture of soil and sawdust, and put up on windowsills located on the sunny side of the building.
After the fourth or fifth leaf appears on the seedlings, they are hardened, during which they are periodically taken out into the open air during the day in order to adapt them to the sun's rays and protect against burns after a future landing in open ground, which is carried out after the threat of morning frost has passed. . This usually happens after May 9th.