How to hoarse?

Anna Ivanova
Anna Ivanova
April 22, 2013
How to hoarse?

Not all men are lucky enough to get from the nature of a sexy hoarse voice. For some, hoarseness is a congenital phenomenon, which speaks of the pathology of the vocal cords, and for others it is a desired goal that so strongly attracts the weaker sex. We offer to learn how to hoarse on your own and get the desired voice.

A deeper and hoarse voice can be obtained not only from nature, but also to make it artificially. Here are the basic ways to quickly hoarse and get the desired result.


This method has been repeatedly tested and helps in 99% of cases. You need to retire in a remote place from the people (so as not to shock anyone) and shout enough. You need to do this with all your might, with anguish, even turning to screeching. 30 minutes of such a cry for a hoarse voice will be enough. If there is no forest nearby, a rock concert or some noisy demonstration at which you can freely defend your rights will be an excellent alternative.

Already in the morning, and sometimes immediately, you will get excellent hoarseness.It will not last long, but for two or three days this voice will be enough for you.

Cold milk

We start with warming up the body with physical exercise or hard physical labor, so much so that we can sweat well. When you feel that seven pots are gone, take a loading dose of cold milk (at least a couple of glasses). As an alternative - you can just stand in a draft or in a cold room.

Caution: after this method, the voice will be what is needed, but together with it, a cough, sore throat and a runny nose will most likely appear.


Many people have noticed that hoarseness appears in the voice after drinking. Try it and you take before bedtime a little strong alcohol. The result, most likely, will be positive, but you should not get carried away in this way, and it’s not so far to sleep.


When talking with a girl, try to make your voice more powerful. Thoughts should be concentrated on the object of your desire and your natural instincts. You will see how your voice itself will become deeper and more attractive.


If none of the above methods help, one thing remains - to wait for the right age.By the age of 23-25, the growth of the vocal cords ends in men, and the voice involuntarily acquires a certain hoarseness.

Knowing what to do and how to hoarse, you can easily change your voice. The main thing for this is to choose the safest way. If the first time you fail, do not give up and try again. As they say "persistence and a little effort." Good luck!