How to increase the buttocks?

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How to increase the buttocks?

Every time has its own canons of beauty. And, not always, these canons fit into the framework of the notorious formula 90x60x90. Remember, at least, pyshnotelyh muses. artists of the Renaissance, masculine bodybuilders dashing 90s or "disembodied spirits" podiums at the turn of the century.

The beautiful half of humanity is ready to put life, if only, to conform to the spirit of its time. You need to starve or overeat - yes, please! It is required to carry dumbbells - yes we are ahead with a song! Lie under the knife of a plastic surgeon - and we agree on that! If only to stay "in the stream."

What is the situation today at the fashion Olympus? What do modern beauties strive for? In what framework are trying to cram themselves this time?

Ah, the situation is as follows. Some want their own lips, like Angelina Jolie, and others want her ass, like Jennifer Lopez. There are, of course, more options, but they are not so numerous.

If you are among the fans of Angelina Jolie, then the choice is small. Without plastics you can not do. But if you do not give rest to the buttocks Lopez, then there are much more ways to achieve the desired. From the most simple to more complex and costly.And we begin, of course, with the simplest.

Buttocks a la Jennifer Lopez

With the help of linen

It turns out that the designers have already managed to work on this problem and have created special underwear for the visual increase of the fifth point. These are seamless pants, in the back of which, just sewn foam.

Woo-a-la! Wore panties, and your ass, like a peach. To the touch, too - very much even nothing. Yes, that's just bad luck. What to do if it comes to undressing? And suddenly, your cavalier just pecked at the very place that you turned out to be fake? Yes ... Confusion, however ... Maybe, after all, not to look for easy ways?

Using gluteoplasty

The volume and shape of the priests can also be changed using plastic surgery (gluteoplasty), during which silicone implants are sewn under the gluteal muscles. This procedure does not take much time, and the result is very impressive, but not everyone can pull it financially. Therefore, we turn to how to increase the buttocks, using other, more affordable methods.

With the help of diet

In order for your butt to become round, it is understandable that there can be no low-calorie diet.We are talking, on the contrary, about how to increase the buttocks, and therefore - to gain weight. This can be achieved by including in your diet foods rich in fats and carbohydrates (bread, bakery and confectionery products, cereals and pasta, pork and chicken, as well as fatty dairy products). But, there is another side to the coin. Not only your butt will recover. To avoid fat accumulation in other parts of the body, you need to connect to the diet set of special exercises. The gluteal muscles must work to grow and consume extra calories. Yes, and the whole body will not at all against a healthy diet and moderate exercise.

With exercise

In order to increase the buttocks, the exercises are very effective. But, the first visible results will not appear soon, even with very hard training. Be prepared for this. But, you will get lasting results.

Training should be carried out 2-4 times a week. Start with small loads, constantly increasing them. Video, how to increase the buttocks, will help you figure out how to perform this or that exercise.

Before training for the buttocks, warm up and warm up.all muscle groups. Beautiful shape and elasticity of your ass will give:

  1. squats with weights;
  2. lunges with burdens;
  3. booty sitting on the floor;
  4. bar;
  5. kick your feet;
  6. bridge;
  7. coups.

As they say, beauty requires sacrifice. And what sacrifices are you ready to make for the sake of your appearance? If it is limited to a healthy diet and workouts, then start right now. Honor to you and praise. But if you decide on some radical interventions in your body, think carefully.