How to kill in "Sims 3" (The Sims 3)?

Sometimes during the game the gamer understands that one character or another is superfluous or he simply annoys him. In the game "Sims 3" it is not necessary to endure such a sim all his life. You can easily get rid of an unnecessary character by killing him, and no longer remember him.

How to kill characters in "Sims 3" without cheats

  • Hide in the barn. Do you have free space in the yard? Wonderful. So it's time to build a barn with a door, then launch a sim into it and remove the door. Yes, this is a cruel way, and within two days your character will indicate with all his might that he is hungry or needs a shower, but you have already made a decision and can simply cover the extension with a roof. Two or three days, and to your sim, another character in a black long mantle and with a hood grants him - this is death. She will take your sim and leave only the urn / gravestone.
  • Send a swim. If there is a pool in your yard, it is also suitable for killing characters. You just need to run a sim there and remove the ladder. Everything follows the same pattern as described above. A gravestone will appear next to the pool.
  • Do not let sim to the refrigerator. Turn off the free will in the settings and control its steps.In this case, you can not allow this to eat.
  • Do not treat Sim. It happens that in the fall or spring the flu is roaming the town. In a typical situation, the character should be taken to the hospital to receive a vaccination. But if he doesn’t do this and everything else doesn’t allow him to rest in bed, he will have every chance to get sick more seriously and die. But there is a drawback: the character you are about to kill can infect other characters you love. True, they will be saved by a single flu vaccine at a local hospital.
  • Walk in the park. If there is a thunderstorm outside the window, which is mostly in spring, take a sim to a park or an open area. He has every chance to be killed by lightning. Just leave it there and wait. You might be lucky.
  • Ask to fix it. In the event that some household appliances in the house break down, poison it. Moreover, the less a character’s skills, the greater the chance of a fatal electric shock. And if your character is experiencing hunger at the time of fixing the device, the chances also increase.
  • Send fire to extinguish. If the house has an old stove or an ever-burning fireplace, a fire will happen sooner or later.In this situation, the main thing is not to remove the character from the room during a fire.
  • Send a trip. In the tombs of your character waiting for the terrible mummies, which impose a curse. If not treated, in a few days everything will happen by itself. True, it will look pretty cruel. Also in the tombs are a huge amount of electric and steam traps. If your character gets an electric shock a couple of times in a row in the process of disarming a trap, he will most likely die.
  • Allow to live to old age. Sooner or later, your character will die, if not a violent death, then your own. Of course, in the settings you can extend his life at the moment when you notice that his life is coming to an end. Also do not forget that if you suddenly want to prolong the life of the character, you need to use the flower of death. One eaten fruit adds one day of life. If the flower is in the baggage, when death comes for your character, she will take the plant and leave the sim alive.

Ways to kill characters in Sims 3: codes

These methods are much more convenient than those described above. They are faster, more efficient and less cruel.To begin, by pressing Ctrl + Shift + C, you must enter in the opened field "boolprop testingcheatsenabled true".

  • Death by sudden attack of hunger. Since the code gives us the opportunity to manage the needs of the characters, literally in one second you can raise the level of hunger to the maximum. Wait.
  • This way will suit both babies, and children, and teenagers, and just for those who want his sim to disappear suddenly and preferably forever. After you have entered the code, hold down the Shift key and, by clicking on the character you want to get rid of, select "delete" in the menu that appears. Is done. There is no tombstone left of your sim.