How to listen to music on the iPhone?

Anna Yaroshenko
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How to listen to music on the iPhone?

The iPhone is not only a modern convenient communication tool, but also an excellent device for listening to your favorite music. Users of this device are often interested in how to listen to music on the iPhone. This will require a special program "iTunes" from the company "Apple". This is a free program, you can download it on the official Apple website.

How to listen to music on iPhone using iTunes

  1. Install on PC.
  2. We connect the iPhone to the computer.
  3. Go to the "iTunes" menu in the "Devices" section. There is a unit called the iPhone.
  4. Select the item "Media Library" and go to the folder called "Music". There is nothing in this folder initially. Therefore, you need to drag and drop into this folder the tracks that you like the most.
  5. After you have created the necessary list of files to listen to, you need to send all the songs to the �Devices� section.
  6. Perform a music synchronization process.
  7. When the synchronization is finished, open the folder you need in your phone, and you can listen to the music that you downloaded on the iPhone.
  8. If you want to delete unnecessary music files, then in the iTunes menu you need to open the Music folder and delete everything that is of no interest to you. Then in the "iTunes" open your iPhone, select the folder with the name "Music" and synchronize.

How to listen to music from iPhone over the Internet

You can also listen to and download music from the Internet, but there may be a problem. The fact is that the iPhone only supports Apple Lossless format. Music in this format is difficult to find on the world wide web. Now the most famous formats are ape and flac. In this case, the program "X Lossless Decoder" will help you. This is a special audio converter. It supports work with many music formats. The program is free.

So, to convert tracks to the desired format, you need:

  1. Install the program "X Lossless Decoder" on your computer.
  2. In the program settings, specify the Apple Lossless format.
  3. Move the work you want to the window of the program. Music tracks are automatically converted into files of the required format.
  4. Next, you need to drag the files with the mouse in the "iTunes" and the iPhone. Here you can listen to songs.

You can also listen to music from an iPhone using search engines. For example, in the search box in the phone, enter the name of the song and select the list of sites where you can download or listen to music.