How to lose weight in a child

Make sure, first of all, whether your child’s weight should be reduced. Unfortunately, now very many pediatricians trust the average tables of child development so much that they often frighten obese mothers almost from the first month of birth.
If your child (and even breastfed) gained not 2 kilograms according to the tables for two or three months, but 3 is not a reason for panic. Especially if weight gain is proportional to increased growth. After all, the main criterion for determining a healthy child is harmonious development. It is very likely that in the following months (especially with an increase in motor activity), the weight of the baby will even out and come closer to normal. In addition, remember that in winter, children gain weight more than in summer. In any case, consult with at least one or two good specialists before taking any measures.
Review your diet (if the baby is still breastfeeding) and the baby's diet.Eliminate fatty, sweet, flour. This does not mean that it is necessary to exclude cheese, sour cream and other products necessary in the diet. But meat is better to choose the dietary: poultry, first of all - turkey, rabbit, lean beef. It is better to cook soups not on meat, but on mushroom broth.
Cheese can not take 29% fat, and 17%. And fat sour cream, homemade, alas, is still unacceptable. It is best to take sour cream 10-15% fat. From the flour you can leave the products made from coarse flour, bran, bread (the shortest term of heat treatment). Lavash, contrary to popular belief, is in no way dietary.
Milk porridge should not be cooked in pure milk, but diluted with half of it with water.
Try to include more vegetables in your child’s diet. They help improve digestion.
Make sure that in 2-3 hours before bedtime, the child eats only easily digestible low-calorie foods. Before going to bed, you can give a glass of skim milk or homemade yogurt made from it.
Pay special attention to your child's physical stress. It is the right regime that is the key to achieving harmonious development.Enter the required exercise in the morning. A morning jog will be very useful for children of school age. Enter as many mobile fun games as possible. If possible, record the child in the sports section.
If your child is still too small, walk more with him in the fresh air.