How to make a birthday card?

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How to make a birthday card?

Such a wonderful holiday in the life of any person, like a birthday should not be sad. To decorate it, relatives and friends give birthday gifts and cards that remain as a keepsake. And in one of the truly sad moments of life, a man, looking at the card, will smile at the memories.

Postcard options are many. The theme, design and material depend entirely on our imagination and possibilities. You can approach this issue creatively, think about how to make a birthday card, and make something original with your own hands.

What to give to someone?

When choosing a greeting card, you must consider the gender, age, hobbies and character of the person to whom the card is intended.

  • If the congratulation is addressed to the child, then the toys will be more interesting to him. So, on the card you need to portray them.
  • Teenagers will be more pleasant to receive as a gift something long desired.
  • Women of any age always have a place for flowers. And it is women who are able to appreciate the attempts of independent creativity and enjoy even the most successful of its results.

It is believed that the images of flowers on the birthday greeting card are appropriate for both women and men. The most responsible, probably, will be the choice of a gift for someone who cannot be clearly confident in the tastes, it is like a boss or an unfamiliar work colleague. Most likely, in this case a classic gift will help out - fresh flowers and a postcard with neutral text and image.

Types of homemade cards

The options are inexhaustible. You may want to make a simple postcard of paper with bulk gift boxes inside. It sounds interesting, and done quickly and simply. For the manufacture of such cards will need:

  • cardboard or thick paper of several colors;
  • some wrapping paper;
  • paper ribbons;
  • glue;
  • scissors.

The manufacturing process is simple:

  • Determine the size of the postcard and cut a rectangle of twice the size of thick paper - the card will open like a book.Bend the rectangle in half, carefully marking the fold.
  • Now open it and on the inside of the postcard, mark and draw with the help of a pencil and a ruler three rectangles of different sizes - blanks of future boxes. Let the largest rectangle be at the bottom, above it - the smaller size and at the very top - the smallest. Arrange them symmetrically along the fold line of the postcard, retreating an equal distance from the top and bottom.
  • Scissor the horizontal lines of the rectangles, without touching the vertical ones.
  • Bend the postcard along the fold so that the cut out rectangles are inside the postcard. Now, if you open the card by 90 °, three of our future boxes will appear inside.
  • It remains to paste over them with bright paper, decorate with ribbons, and the card is ready. If you wish, you can add an inscription.

This card is suitable as a gift to a loved one, family member or friend, someone who will appreciate the work and attention expressed by this card and the desire to deliver a couple of pleasant moments.

But this option is the easiest and most affordable. There are more complex ones. If you are in trouble, how to make a beautiful card, then a few ideas will come in handy.

What are cards made of?

The material and theme for the postcard may be the most unexpected.For example, you can make not a box, but a voluminous butterfly, decorate a simple pattern with volumetric colors, like bright balls or daisies. And it is possible to depict roses of this type on the postcard, like on the cake.

How to make volumetric roses

  • Cut a few strips of napkin of the desired color and wrap them with the long side of the needle. Without removing the napkin with a needle, squeeze it.
  • Then remove, roll the rosette with the compressed side up, and secure the bottom with a stapler. Cut off the excess paper.
  • Glue the resulting rose to the card. Make as many as you need.

You can make a collage of several cards. No less beautiful will look like a postcard in vintage style. For the coffee lover, a postcard made of coffee beans will be suitable, which will not only be original in execution, but also retain for some time such a pleasant aroma of coffee.

One of the most original and unique will be a birthday card with your own hands, made in the technique of quilling.

For its manufacture will need:

  • thick colored paper;
  • color double-sided paper;
  • paper strips 35 cm long and 3-5 mm wide;
  • glue;
  • scissors;
  • stick (toothpick) for curling strips of paper.

The essence of quilling is to perform a composition of twisted spirals of multi-colored paper. Technique looks so good that gifts made in this way will always be original and unique. You only need to create a shape from spiraling paper strips and glue them onto a postcard. For a better understanding you can look at this postcard, made in the technique of quilling.