How to make a class?

The classroom is a room where children spend a lot of time. It should not only have an attractive design, but also contain useful information. For the ease of perception of this information it should be made out in colorful colors.

It is worth remembering that the design of the class for junior and high school students is significantly different. This is due to their development. It is the teachers of elementary school who often ask themselves how to get 1st grade. When you design a classroom for first-graders, it is worth considering that quite recently they were pupils of kindergartens and are used to seeing bright and colorful stands with cartoon and fairy-tale characters.

How to make a class: tips

A cool corner and a variety of informational stands need to be arranged in pictures, where there will be a pronounced play of colors. This will help the newly-made schoolboy to perceive new information, as well as to adapt to the school. For example, if a stand with an alphabet is designed in the form of printed and uppercase letters, and various small and colorful objects are depicted on the side, this will help the first-grader to quickly memorize the necessary information, learn to write and read.When designing a mathematical stand, it is worth remembering that the solution of the simplest examples will be made much faster if, instead of numbers, various geometric figures or apples that appear in problems so often are depicted. The solution of simple problems will be made much faster if its condition is not written on the board, but is depicted on the stand in the form of drawings. This will help your child navigate much faster.

When making a class for first-graders, it is worth remembering that at this age it is necessary not only to provide children with knowledge, but also to develop their logic, thinking, and memory. It is work with pictures that will help the teacher in this.

Primary School

After the end of the first class, the children go to the second, third, fourth ... This causes the need to make some changes in the design of the class. It is worth remembering that the children for the year of their stay at school have already adapted and learnedpresent items without a variety of pictures. But this does not mean that they should be completely excluded when making a class. So how to get an initial class?

The first condition for the design of any class is the presence of live indoor flowers.This will teach children to love wildlife, moreover, they clean the classroom from carbon dioxide and give it beauty. It is undesirable to hang in the class artificial flowers that are considered lifeless. The class should shine with joy, joy and love of life.

Class asset

During this period, the notion of "class assets" appears in the children's team, which students choose independently. This procedure allows them to feel their weight in society. After you have selected a class asset, you need to fix it. That's what cool corners are for. The stand itself should be made in bright and colorful colors, and the information filed in it should be written in on white background. This will give it importance and formality. The class asset should be filled from top to bottom, starting from the class commander. The duty schedule is best filled in bright colors. But at the same time, the names of the students should be written in black and white, and the marks on duty should be made in different colors. This will not oppress the psyche of children who consider cleaning the premises as black and dirty work.

Do not forget about the birthday

The corner of the birthday should not only be bright and colorful, but also include a picture in the form of a bouquet of flowers or a cake with candles.This will give the birthday of the schoolboy a solemnity and a sense of celebration.

Themed stands

As for the thematic stands of elementary school, they must be bright. The presence of various pictures in them is not excluded, only they should have a different content. Instead of a cartoon or fairytale hero, it is more rational to draw any representative of wildlife. This will help the child identify the world around and learn to love him.

Important points in the design of any class

An integral attribute of any class is the symbolism of the country. From the very first days of study, the teacher must tell the children about its designation and place in each person’s life.

How to arrange a class using ready-made stands? It is worth saying that it can be done by hand. The second option will be much more effective, especially if students are involved in class design. This will help them learn to respect work and save the classroom from a variety of damage.

The class can be designed in different ways, as long as it helps the student to fully develop.