How to make a paper hat?

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How to make a paper hat?

Hat-cylinder and cocked hat of a pirate are made according to a similar principle, they consist of fields and a crown. The crown is made on the basis of the cylinder. How to glue a figure-cylinder out of paper, read in detail in our article How to make a cylinder. And the process of making a hat is described below.

How to make a hat-cylinder

To create such a hat you will need: thick paper, glue, black paint and brushes, lacquer spray.

Manufacturing process

  1. Measure the circumference of the head and determine the height of the cylinder. Add 2 cm to the circumference so that the hat is easy to put on, and another 1.5 cm per seam. To the height of the finished cylinder add about 3 cm, also on the seams.
  2. Draw a rectangular scan on the sheet, cut and glue the side surface along the seam.
  3. Across the entire base circumference, cut small triangles to make teeth that need to be bent: from top to inside, and from bottom to outside.
  4. On the new sheet, draw a circle equal to the circumference of the cylinder base.Cut a neatly turned circle and glue it on top of the future hat.Hat
  5. Around the hole, resulting from the circle, draw another circle, the diameter of which should be the way you want to see the fields of your cylinder. We need to make a couple of such blanks.
  6. Pass one workpiece through the cylinder and glue the teeth of the cylinder to the fields.
  7. To hide the cloves, seal them with a second field blank.
  8. It remains to paint the hat black, it is better to do it in two layers.
  9. After complete drying, coat the hat with varnish, it will shine beautifully.

You got a great dandy cylinder.

Pay attention: the denser the paper, the more aesthetic it will be. Thin paper will warp when painting, and the fields will become waves.

How to make a pirate hat

  1. This hat is made by analogy with the cylinder, only the crown needs to be doneHatlower, and the width of the fields will be equal to the height of the crown.
  2. After painting bend the fields so that you get a three-cornered.

You should have a real pirate hat. In front of the crown, paint pirates with white paint: a skull and crossbones.