How to make a toy out of paper?

Paper toys can be varied and very beautiful. They are short-lived, but inexpensive and very beautiful! You can do them with a child with your own hands. So, consider several options for how to make a toy out of paper: cubes, puppet theater, Christmas decorations on the Christmas tree.


In order to make cubes, you will need thick paper, glue stick, scissors. If you work with a child, then the scissors should be taken with rounded ends and not very sharp.

We take at first thin paper and we draw a pattern. In order for a child’s hand to comfortably take the future cube into his hand, he must have a face of 4-5 cm. Draw a square with a side of 5 cm on paper. Draw another 3 squares behind it so that they have common side faces. Then draw one more square to the third square above and below. Now it is necessary to draw a valve for gluing to each face, these are rectangles 0.5 cm wide with edges cut off at an angle of 45 degrees. If you do not want to draw valves, you will glue the edges together with strips on the outside.It looks beautiful if the stripes are of a contrasting color in relation to its sides. The pattern is ready, redraw it on thick colored paper. Usually in a set there are 9 cubes. So copy the pattern 9 times. Cut, bend along the edges of the cube and glue. And now we will think, than to decorate our toy. Take a bright picture from a children's magazine. On it should be some big fairy tale hero. Cut a square 15 by 15 cm. Then cut it into 9 squares 5 by 5 cm. Fold the cubes together, place the pictures on them and paste them on. It turned out a toy that can be disassembled and then assembled with a child. You can pick up 5 more such pictures and paste over all sides, or you can stick letters, numbers, mathematical symbols on the remaining blank sides. And play on health!

Puppet show

The following story, how to make a toy out of paper, will teach us how to make a puppet theater. That is the dolls that will be actors in your home theater. Cut a 15 cm radius out of thick paper. Then cut it into two semicircles. This is the basis of two dolls. Roll the semicircles into a cone and glue along the seam. Put a cone on the table, this is the body of our doll.And now think what fairy tale you will put? A turnip? Excellent! Making grandfather. We draw the face of this hero on paper, draw the eyes, the mustache, the beard, the cap. Now cut and glue the face to the cone. We make hands: on the sides of the cone we cut holes with a diameter of 1 cm. We glue a paper tube 12 cm long and insert it into the prepared holes. On the edges we glue the palms. We paint Grandpa - we draw him pants, a shirt with a belt, a patch on his elbow. By the same principle we make Grandma and Granddaughter. Animals from this tale can be made shorter, i.e. circles cut smaller diameter.

Christmas decorations

Remember the famous paper chains! This is the most important Christmas decoration! Cut strips of length 10 and 1.5 cm wide from multicolored paper. Glue the first ring, then pass one strip into the finished ring and glue the edges together. And so - indefinitely!

When you think about how to make a toy out of paper, think about a flashlight! Take a bright square of paper with a side of 15 cm, fold it in half. Draw cut lines from the fold to the edge, not reaching 1 cm. Lines are drawn through every centimeter. Now glue the edges along the seam.It turned out a big tube with cut sides. Now take a contrasting color paper with sides of 15 by 10 cm. Glue the side 10 cm along the seam. And now put the cut part on the one piece, glue round edges. That turned out our flashlight!